Rui Fu,

Summoner: Rio, Nangong Xinyi, Su Xiaoxiao

Prototype: shark

Model seal: Wang Shark Seal

Weapon seal: fin shark seal

Morphical weapon: fin shark blade

Fighting: King Shark legs, king sharks tossing

The shark generals are a pair of armor in the armor warriors.


The final form of the catcher,

Summoner: Nangong Xinyi

Prototype: Kirin

Armor beast: Shenweiqi

Armor beast seal: Weiqi seal

Beast Martial Arts Seal: Qi Wuyin

Morphical weapons: Shenwei Huoqi Knife, Huo Qi Ket

Fighting Nirvana: Catcher Shenwei Fist

Features: strong and handsome

Fighting handsome

Summoner: War Handsome Armor (System) Summoner

Summoner: Zhikai (main), Rio

Morphical weapon: ultra -magnetic annihilation halberd

Fighting Nirvana: Double Thunder Fighting Fist

A pair of armor under the king was originally going back to a pair of armor that used to eliminate the Demon, and there was a battle data of all the armor (the form of the capture). The ability is above the arrest, the prototype of the God of War, the armor ability can be exerted by the powerful idea of ​​the summoner.

The above is the information of the three armor. I have to say that it is still very attractive. It is super strong and slogan, and the powerful person sets every pair of armor full of vitality.