The bad reputation of the crow is caused by Western mythology. In fact, the crow was auspicious bird in China. According to legend, Nurhachin was out of danger at that time, thanks to the crow, and later generations still built a temple to commemorate the crow in the place where the danger was out of danger. And the crow was typical of filial piety in ancient times, so it was regarded as auspicious birds in ancient times.

The crow's reputation at the time was derived from a Greek myth. In the mythology, when the sun god Apollo and Gelulis dated, the sacred bird crow was used as a transmission ambassador, and the crow was used to monitor whether Gelus was dedicated to himself. Day after day, year after year, one day the crow suddenly found that Gelus had ambiguousness with other men, and even something unacceptable, so he told Apollo. But at this time, the crow will definitely only believe that what you see. As a bird, it will definitely not delve into whether there is any misunderstanding inside.

Under the biography of the crow, Apollo killed Gelus in angered, but after the investigation learned that there were misunderstandings, they were not private. Apollo felt sorry for Gelus, and felt that the crow's lies caused this irreversible consequence. In the anger, the crow was shot again, and he talked to his men. The crow in the world was generally black. Don't believe the crow of the lie in the future, so the reputation of the crow is so bad.

However, such a statement was passed on to ten and ten passed by, so the crow really became a symbol of unvoken. This is also related to its own image. First of all, it is black all over the body. Black is generally not auspicious agent color. Secondly, its voice is not very beautiful, and it still feels creepy in the middle of the night.

The first is the legend of the three thousand crows to save Confucius. Confucius was regarded as a saint by later generations, and even the crow was used as auspicious bird.

The other is related to the Manchu. It is said that a man of the Manchu tribe is also equivalent to being rescued by the crow, so the family also treats the crow as auspicious bird. (Of course, the auspicious bird of the Manchus has nothing to do with the main population of the Han Dynasty.)

In addition, sheep have the grace of kneeling milk, and elegant feedback. The ancients thought that the crow would feed the old crow, and it was considered that it was a good bird, so it was normal to treat the crow as auspicious bird. It is also in line with the main theme of filial piety.

So why is the crow as an ominous bird? This is related to the appearance and living habits of the crow. First of all, the crow is almost pure black. When we were in Jiqing, we were usually wearing red clothes and decorating the courtyard with red. Black and white are mainly used in funeral occasions. The crow's hair color is almost all black, so this black hair makes people a little happy. In addition, the crow is a omnivorous animal. In addition to eating the fruit of the plant, it also eats bugs and even rotten meat. Where is the most rotten meat in ancient times? Battlefield. After a war, so many people died. Even if the battlefield is cleaned, that is, picking up some warriors, at most, some simple treatment of your own robe. There are very few burials, and at most, make up the appearance, so that the posture is not so ugly, or pick up the incomplete limbs. And the corpse of the enemy soldiers is not that good, cut ears, cut noses, heads, etc. These are all torrential products. The other parts were abandoned. With so many meat, the crow will definitely not let go. After the people retreat, the crow will become a rotten body in groups. So people think that the crow will die. In fact, it was dead, and no one was buried before the crow appeared. For the cause, the crow was put on the black pot on the back, and it could not be thrown away. In addition, the cry of the crow is definitely not good, especially when the group is in groups, the noise sound is very irritating and easy to think of bad things.

Crow: What do you want to do if you want to kill yourself?

Because in ancient times, there were crows to save people, so since the Spring and Autumn Period, the crow is auspicious bird. In the Han Dynasty to advocate loyalty and filial piety, the crow would feed the crow that the crow would feed the old.

It is the legend of the three thousand crows to save Confucius. Confucius was regarded as a saint by later generations, and even the crow was used as auspicious bird. Crows are auspicious birds in Chinese tradition. However, under the influence of foreign audio -visual culture in modern times, disgusting the crow. When comparison, when the crow appears, it is either Bagaaba or wandering near the cemetery or S people. It feels like watching too much.

It is precisely because of the ancient China that the crow was an enlightenment, and it was a mascot of a religion that it was always raised by it, but in modern times, the crow was very unlucky.