As of October 2020, the TV series "Canghai" has not been banned.

The emotional drama produced by Hairun Film and Television in "Canghai" was directed by Zhao Junkai, and You Yong, He Zhengjun, Li Youbin, Du Zhiguo and Saigina starred.

The play is based on the four main characters of Wang Shankui, Li Shankui, Ma Jiancheng, and Lu Xinquan, as well as the fate of his family figures, covering the 60 -year development process of the People's Navy. The play premiered on CCTV-1 on October 14, 2009.

Extended information:


In September 1949, the Chinese People's Liberation Army accelerated the pace of revolution to the end after the three major campaigns of Liaoning, Huaihai, and Pingjin. Canghai Diversity Plot Introduction of the Third Field Army, a division of Jiangnan, drinking horses, Zhejiang and Jiangxi, sweeping Ba Min, and approaching the coast. The Kuomintang's disabled department withdrew to Golden Horse Island, Wang Benli, the head of the Third Battalion of the Red Sixth Battalion, and Li Shankui, a political commissar, received an order to prepare for the sea landing.

For the first time, the plot of Canghai Diversity was facing the sea. Li Shankui not only worried about ship problems, but also worried whether soldiers could adapt to naval battles. Wang Benli did not worry about it, thinking that the battle of crossing the river was so hard to win, Jianghehai could have a difference.

When the two inspected Qianhai together, Wang Benli was bitten by poisonous mosquitoes. High fever was not only taken to the hospital. In the hospital, Wang Benli saw the female doctor Xu Jinyun who had a relationship on the battlefield. During Wang Benli's hospitalization, the headquarters issued a general attack order. Although the number of ships was seriously insufficient and the transportation capacity was limited, the chief still had high hopes for independent divisions with less winning.

Before the operation, Li Shankui went to the hospital to visit Wang Benli who had been strongly requested to participate in the war. In the face of the brothers born and died, Li Shankui concealed the news of the upcoming attack in order to let Wang Benli renovate.

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