Star Skeleton Waste 2: Also known as the duet of plant waste, the spindle of the popular group is Xing Skeleton plant or plant.Invest in a large number of Su Sheng cards, and use the plant itself to make a strong development.The significance is not particularly significant as a battery life and supplement.Now it is changed to TG plants and so on.Due to the low hand rate of such card groups in Star Skeleton Plants, excellent explosive power, strong battery life, and low cost of pit steps, it is the mainstream environmental system.

Quick Attack Waste 2: The main axis is the fast attack shaft and waste.Using a large number of tones, the mainstream play is to quickly get out of the drill and use the continuous handwing exchange of drills to obtain an advantage. The cemetery is accumulated during the exchange of handwriting and broke out.The advantage is that it can quickly attack the stuff, so that the 0 cemetery is launched.The disadvantage is that the card rate is high

About fast attack and star skeleton

Fast attack:

Star Skeleton: