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Content preview: Happiness and Defense War Author: Little Ghost Dudu's Sad Remaker Update Time 2012-3-30 23:13:50 Words: 114 In fact, I am not diligent. The kind of thing is tossing, the senior, I can't afford to hurt the job. I will enter Beijing early in the morning and go back to school at night. Intersection And if you can't care so much, the story will be discomfort. I don't want to be irresponsible to what I like. Chapter 1: Wake up update time 2012-2-21 18:10:27 Words: 2368 dear, what did you regret? If the time turns around, will you catch the deep love of her or him regardless of everything? *Ning Xueyi, orphan, was adopted by rich people. At the age of 12, adoptive father and adoptive mother died in an air crash and left a large amount of property. Although he started a person's life at the age of 12, he had always lived well. At this time, she looked at the dressing mirror across the bed, the golden paper -like face was covered with sweat, and the folded lips were slightly coincident, and she was stunned and blank. Essence "The exaggerated screams in the thriller are deceiving, and people can't say anything when they are extremely panic." She summarized in her mind, and she smiled and smiled. Is she a pig? Now I still feel like this. She shook her head helplessly, holding her face in the mirror. However, after laughing, there was a feeling of comfortable body. She stroked the ups and downs of the breasts, and pinched her face incredible. Yes, it was not her dazzling. My best friend, look like. Outside the window. The burning sunshine deforms the air. The clustered plants are like sauce in some transparent medium, which is faintly dangling and still.

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