The heroine's TV series is "Queen Entering the Palace".

"Queen Entering the Palace" is produced by Beijing Forbidden City Film Co., Ltd., directed by Cheng Zhicheng, starring Zhang Ting, Wu Dawei, Niu Qingfeng, Niu Li and others. The thousands of players in the play are Zhang Ting.

Thousands of days are true and straightforward, the wise is cute, and the elves are weird. Although they are princess, they have fallen into the people since they were small. They grew up in Yangzhou well. They coincided with the opportunity to enter the palace to marry and Zhengde to become the queen. Make a joke.

Because he could not bear the three thousand Jiali of Zhengde, he was angry and returned to Yangzhou. In order to avoid Zhengde, it caused a series of thrilling adventure stories.

Extended information:


She returned to Yangzhou's "Baihua Inn" alive, and her mother was going to the palace to enjoy a blessing. I did not expect that she was unwilling to be the queen and ran back. It didn't take long for the news that the queen was stabbed, and she couldn't help but be guilty of the palace lady who became the unjust ghost for her.

Most of the governors of Qiu Yu's hands were still uncomfortable, and she wanted to sit on the position of the queen in the queen. The assassin of that day was sent by Qiu Yu. When he knew that the assassination failed, and the emperor had chased out of the palace, he sent a large number of killers again, and he had to remove the 芊.

The academy opened in Yangzhou was closed. She only knew that the most famous temple in the world was "Shaolin Temple", and they marched to Henan. After finally coming to Shaolin Temple, the abbot picked up and explained patiently: "Women cannot be a monk."

But I just do n’t listen. Be sure to be a monk and make a chicken flying dog. The little monk Wuyou is the lowest one in Shaolin Temple. The Buddhist scriptures and martial arts are not proficient, but they have a lot of common languages ​​with 芊, and they escape together; Shaolin and the entire martial arts chase and treasure.

"Strange Double Jiao" and the sequel "Queen Enter the Palace", the heroine 芊 芊 (Zhang Ting). A very classic TV series

You are sure you are a martial arts drama.