Movies of American genius and adolescents:,

1. Biography of Mozart

"Mozart Biography" is a movie directed by Miros Formman. The film describes the complicated contradictions and friendship between the court band command of Saleri and Mozart. In the film, Saleri is a musician who dedicated him to music and God. However, under a chance, he saw Mozart he worshiped since he was a child, a "vulgar" young man who was talented. In the world, Saleri is the chief musician of the court, and Mozart is just a small and well -known ordinary musician, a poverty -stricken nobleman; The talent of Salier can make him see the fact that no one can see at the time. As a result, the disaster began. As a person, Saleri obstructed Mozart's economic life through his huge influence, but as a "talent" who also dedicated to music, he almost worshiped every notes written by Mozart. On the one hand, he is Mozart's most loyal friend. He never miss any performance of Mozart, immersed in the great heart (in the heart of God); The performance of each opera wrote by Mozart was transformed into Mozart, and eventually brought death to Mozart.

2. Mind Catcher

"Good Will" is an inspirational plot. The film is directed by Geis Van Sand, starring Robin Williams, Matt Damon and others.

The film tells the story of a cleaner at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology named Will Hunting. Well has a talent in mathematics, but is a rebellious problem. With the help of professor Lan Bo, psychologist Sann and friend Chake, Will eventually opened the mind, eliminated interpersonal gaps, and retrieved back. Self and love. The film premiered on December 2, 1997.

3. October sky

"October Sky" is adapted from a real story. In 1957, the Soviet satellite was successfully launched, and the American people germinated a sense of crisis. Hommer, a ordinary high school student in a mining town, was worried about his future. He was selected in the team selection, and his strong brother has always been recognized by his father John. Essence With the support of the teacher and friends, Hommer devoted himself to research, and the teacher brought him the opportunity to learn from university through rocket production. On the other hand, John, the person in charge of the mine, hopes that his son will inherit the mine and obstruct his research. At the same time, the police also terminate Homer’s research activities for the fire of the mountain forest. Is it successful?

4. Image games

"The Imitation Game" is a biographical film directed by Moteng Tam Dum, starring Ben Nidic Konberbach, Kalar Knightlie and other biographies.

The film is adapted from the biographical "Allen Turing Biography" edited by Andrew Hodis, which tells the legendary life of "Father of Computer Science" Allen Turing. "Ingma", thus reversing the experience of World War II.

The film won the 87th Oscar Gold Award for Best Award, as well as 7 nominations including the best film, best director, best actor, and best supporting actress. It was released in mainland China on July 21, 2015

5. Super Marine Corps

"Big Hero 6" is the first animated film produced by Disney and Marvel. It is based on Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau in 1998. Essence The film is directed by Tang Hall and Chris Williams, starring Ryan Potter, Scott Edshite, and T. J. Miller. It is released in North America. The domestic release version was released in the Mainland on February 28, 2015.

"Super Marine Corps" mainly tells the story of the inflatable robot Bai and the genius young Xiaohong joined forces to form a super -energy team to jointly combat criminal conspiracy. On February 23, 2015, the film won the 87th Oscar "Best Animation Film" Award.

6. Beautiful heart

A Beautiful Mind is a very human -natured story about a real genius. The film tells a study with schizophrenia but in the field of gaming theory and differential geometry, and finally won the Nobel Prize in Economics John John Forbes Nash. The biography of the same name was written by Silviya Nasaer, published in 1998, and the film was released in 2001.

"Beautiful Mind" has a math with a schizophrenia or a Nobel Prize in Mathematics

"Autism" has autism inventors of autism

"Mind Catcher" has a talent for talent in mathematics

"Sea Pianist" who lives on the boat on the boat

"August Fat in August" A young but talented bar singer from Ireland and a love story of a young female cello violinist