The song "Looking back" expresses the emotions that look back in the past.

"Looking back" is a song sung by Jiang Yuheng (the original sing is Su Rui). Written by Chen Le Rong, composed of Lu Guanting, composed of Chen Zhiyuan. The song is well known in mainland China because of the Spring Festival Gala in CCTV in 1991.

Cover version

This song was also covered by Li Zongsheng, Li Yanjun, Zhao Peng, Zhang Xing, Yu Chengqing, Black Duck Chorus Group, Tong Li, Hao Lei, Zhao Jie, Yuquan and so on.

In the draft competition "Happy Boys", he heard Chen Chusheng's cover. Although Chen Chusheng was still shallow, his voice like a natural singer sang this feeling.

In 2013, Zhang Yangyang, the player No. 02 in "Happy Boys" 8 in 7, also explained the different "Looking Looking Back" with his unique voice.

After the old old, look back in the past, you may wish to listen to this song.

The song "Looking back" was written by Chen Le Rong, arranged by Lu Guanting, and the song expressed the nostalgia of the past. Obviously, the past has passed, and the past is no longer back. Tell us to face the future with a calm attitude. Life is bland is the truth of such a truth

Looking back at this song, it expresses a kind of nostalgia for the past, and there will be some regrets and perseverance in my heart.

Looking back, this song sings a memory of many people's memories of the past. Generally speaking