This is a sweet -oriented love drama. Although it is about the entrepreneurial company of the heroine to the male god, in the later plot, the love is greater than the workplace. For this sweet love drama, it is difficult for us to ask for a huge sense of realism, because the real truth will hurt the sweet atmosphere of the plot.

This is a romantic TV drama work with love as the theme. It describes how a pair of men and women who love each other in the workplace how to deal with the relationship between their work and love, but the scale of this subject matter It will make people look like this TV series is far from reality and feel that he is very unreal.

"We in the Light" are a romantic and warm romance idol drama. The main feature is affection and love. It tells the inspirational story of the male and female protagonists from knowing each other and knowing each other.

In time, we can see from the name that it is a very humorous and harmonious idol drama. One of the urban love dramas, we can see the whole through the plot. During the process, the development of the entire story and the friendship between the city.

It is a youth drama. There are such small groups in the School of Art. They form a small film association. Learn together every day, live together, play trouble, and grow together. Among them, there are good girls, rich second generations, goddess, and little fat people. The group is also the most accidental group. They worried about learning and annoying growth. They thought about love, and they fell down on these roads, okay. They support each other, they may have troubles and comfort each other, but on the road of carnival, they will be carnivated for their own success. When they really grow up, they will look back at those years. In fact, it is not the most perfect friend in your heart.