There is the most interesting king in Krasbia.

This king. Go out all day long. He has been to more than 100 cities, and he is worried again today. He asked his servant to help him choose.

This king, let people not eat at night, people will be at home tomorrow, and do not do anything. They come out the day after tomorrow. Even patients are no exception.

Alas, he was renamed every day. He was called Clas today. He was called Allen tomorrow. Even his servants couldn't tell who he was. Needless to say, the common people. He changed the name of the kingdom every day, and people couldn't tell what the country's name was, but of course ... the name of Trasbia was just today.

This king is really interesting, that is, he dare not play anything in the playground. He will only ... no, he only likes to play carousel. This is also the most afraid of the project.

This king changes a piece of clothes every day, and some clothes are also very strange. He wore an armor the day before yesterday, wearing a Halloween dress today, and he just wore a coat the day after tomorrow. This king is really naive. He likes to play games with children. He will lose every time he catchs and seek, but he is happy. He would put on clothes for a while, and went out in a tiger pattern shoes in a while. In the end, he was not a servant to help him wear.

The king was very funny. After walking, he shook, and he fell after a while, and he cried when he fell, like a baby. This king is really fun. Half of the ministers have moved out of composition This country, have you seen such a fun kingdom?

[The most fun king]

Zhang Qiyi

There is a fun king in a fun country, and many fun things happen to him every day.

One day, the fun king went to his garden to enjoy the flowers, but all the flowers became very strange.

The flowers that should have been bloomed in different seasons are now blooming, and each flower has different types of petals. There are daffodils with plum blossoms, pupae, and daisy petals; plums with chilled and wisteria petals; roses with lilacs, plums, and hibiscus; hibiscus flowers with roses and daffodils, in short Countless.

After the king appreciated the strange flowers, he went to the morning. As a result, the trees, grass, flowers, and insects on the road have been running or flying with him. The king had to run back to the castle to avoid the "tracking" of those things.

The king ran back to the castle and walked to the table to prepare breakfast, but his breakfast was walking around, running around and flying. It turns out that the chicken legs of the fun king are also running against the eggs. The fun king's milk and noodles are flying in the sky. It seems to be strolling in space. It's easy to eat breakfast.

After eating breakfast, a lot of strange things happened to the king, for example: the fun king suddenly reached the upside -down country, where everything was reversed.

The fun king is so fun!