Black Cat Sheriff.

"Black Cat Sheriff" is an episode of 5 episodes directed by the Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio based on the novels of the same name, Dai Tielang, Van Madi, and Xiong Nanqing.

It tells the witness, brave, and handsome black cat sheriff leading the sheriff to wipe out the hamster, the case of investigation of the mantis, eliminating one ears, and other cases that endanger forest safety. The story of the worry -free day.

Since the animation was broadcast in 1984, the animation has been loved by the audience, especially children, and children, and has become a good memory of children in the 1980s and 1990s.

Work evaluation

The charm of classic cartoons lies in this: it does not treat children as "fools", and childhood is not exactly equal to naive and ignorant; children are also human beings, with complex movies and certain psychological tolerance. As the image of the ace cartoon of Shanghai Meiying Factory, "Black Cat Sheriff" was born in 1984. It was 30 years ago. Once it appeared, it became popular all over the country. It is also a collective memory of the post -80s. (Phoenix Network Review)

Yes, I can't find it. The title of the year was Hans. The mouse was originally a messenger of a kingdom. The princess was born. He was responsible for inviting 9 big witch. As a result, one missed one. The witch magic turned the messenger into a mouse and hypnotized the princess. Formed a three -person group to find a way to rescue the princess. The complete episode is about 30 episodes. The rare thing is that each episode is a classic fairy tale.

This is called "Cat wearing Boots", Japanese animation, which has been broadcast at the little god dragon club on a wired one; don't make old boots and boots. Can you find something "Playing a big wave shining skateboard"? Is that human? Searching "Skate Board" is naturally the correct answer

Divine Sword Flying Tmall This is a domestic translation, a cat wearing boots, and a cat in the adventures of the cat wearing boots, but there is no resource on the Internet

Was it broadcast by the jadeite.

Divine Sword Flying Tmall, Alias: Boots Cat's Adventure, Fantasy Adventure: Cats wearing boots, Adventures of Puss-in-Boots

Japanese name: ファ ン ドベ ー ア ドベ チャ ー boot を い い い い の の 険