"Gu Da's text" Gu Da's text


What does a man fall in love with women at first sight? appearance? temperament? Netto? NO, the campus prince+game master Xiao Nai at first sight, the fell in love is not her forceful color, but her fibrous jade hand and her with her fibrous jade hand on the keyboard! Intersection Intersection Well, right? Bei Weiwei, who was also a master of online games, was in front of the computer in front of the computer. He played a gangster battle in front of the computer. He fought a perfect battle with weak victory and strong. Subsequently, Xiao Nai, who was the general planner of basketball swimming and the general planner of the game company, began to hunt the beauty of the beauty in all aspects of the Internet ... So, a love was quietly born in the time of a flower blooming.

"Selling equipment everywhere"

Introduction: Occasionally, a gold medal female killer from the Song Dynasty was taken to modern times after hundreds of years, and only traveled to the game. Later, some friends such as Han Tieyi and Wuxi experienced many things and later went with Han. The iron coat finally became a family member.

"The Seven Grand Son of Online Games"

Introduction: My brother's slutty has been recognized by Mengli since he was a child.

My brother said, "Your elder brother, but my dormitory is the most kind of deceiving in our dormitory."

So Mengli understood, the older brother's dormitory was a good bird, avoided it, avoided it. Essence Essence

"Seven brothers and sisters ~~" Well, come again, be evil again!

If you can choose, she swears that that day, she would never board the game. Essence

The seven ladies that everyone envy can be compared with the village

Tell yourself for your fate! Intersection

But where does this "Mrs. Qi" come from?

Just blame his brother to see death. Essence

Si Haonan sighs: For self -blessing, there is no power to do.

MS wants V, it seems to be tomorrow, uh, tomorrow is No. 4 ~~~ Well, it seems like it. Essence Essence Essence Khan ==! Don't remember the days. Essence Essence

"Looking for abuse online games"

Author: blue shirt romantic

Introduction 1:

Clear soup hanging noodle copywriting:

One day, Su Liu's boyfriend's game was extremely arrogant and called her, so Su Liu began to seduce the split -legged man back and then threw him into an online game ...

Introduction 2:

She has the most righteous addicted online game in the world!

Su Liu's boyfriend developed into reality with his wife in the game, and a third party who was a rich lady called to insult her. When Su Liu was angry, he made a childish decision that "entered the game to seduce his ex -boyfriend back, and then dump him".

Yin Yiyang was wrong. On the day of her launch, she met her ex -boyfriend (Zhan Yu Linlin) and third party (the pocket of fairy) was chasing the enemy (boring to kill the demon). Su Liu enthusiastically and Kuge bored to kill the demon's greetings and was cold. In order to show that the two had the same goal, she vomited the truth and said that she had to deal with the pockets of the fairy. As a result, because she forgot to switch the channel to speak, she was seeing the sun when she was revenge for her sister (fairy pocket). The two of them were disagreement, Su Liu launched a challenge order, and asked for this to enter the guild ...

A war of N countries is imminent! Is it true to find the heart of her boyfriend? Still trampled on him in the virtual world and update this bad "system" with a new encounter! Intersection

The subtle balance between virtual and reality is the fate that is doomed from how many years ago--

Author of "Yan San Niang": Dragon (keyboard operation class)

Brief introduction: Su Qingqing's back sitting straight in front of the computer, her face was very bad, I wanted to bite people! It is nothing more than a hot post on the online game official website of "Tenglong World".

Title [Let's take a look at the true face of celebrities in various districts], the first 'celebrity' is really a 'famous'. Not only is it shocked to all the players, but Su Qingqing, who has always been calm, was shocked. This celebrity photo of this oil is like a rock, and the pajamas are difficult to wrap the fat body ...

This person's identity:

[XX Telecom] Wind and Snow Moon

Game ID: Yan San Niang

Now PK List Ranking: 23

Gang: Qin Wangge

Class: 71

Good at weapons: long gun]

The story of Yan Sanniang, a woman in the Eastern Han Dynasty, crossed the modern story of Yan Sanniang (reborn with memory)

Lord love, auxiliary online games, campus, easy and sweet type, past life and present life

"Zuo Xiao Fox in the Place of Peach Blossoms"

Introduction: Youth is short, Hongyan is easy, and the buddies teach her in distress.

She said how do you talk about it?

Buddy said, mix with my brother, keep you eat and wear well.

So she ran away and stepped into the online game.

It's really a world of flowers, and peach blossoms flutter.

Mother Lu said to Lu Xiaosan: "Is there a white -collar handsome guy in the game? Are there any white -collar workers and a car? If you want to find someone to marry you, you can show me!

A man said, "I have a room and a car."

Another man said, "I also have a house and a car, but I love it more."

"You are not a great god, you are too villain" author:


Why are other people's husband very great, very good and powerful

Her husband obviously served the first, deserves a great god, but very small, treacherous and gossip

Pick up the items, swipe the monsters to hiding in the back

Ah ah ... why is this?

"I want to rest you, I must rest you!" I couldn't bear it. In the face of him, the sage was crazy.

"Except for me, who else will you want you?" Looking at it, slightly despicable

Personal attack, this is definitely a personal attack

Water: "I belong to myself."

The other side of the flowers bloom: "You can only belong to me."

"Two Great Gods in the Heaven" Author: A Brief introduction to Qingxuan Copywriter: Let me sing such a small love song and always accompany you to the old.

Mo Wen: Ye Nuannun is like the finest rain in spring. It wet me a little bit. When I discovered, she had run into my heart and couldn't cut it.

Ye Nuannuan: In this life, I just want to listen to your song to sleep.

There are many online games in the first half, and the second half is basically the current saying.

"Marry a Lady NPC" Author: Broken Water

Introduction: Shen Yu, a NPC in this online game in Ao Shi, is called "The Empress Dowager".

Don't doubt that this character NPC is set according to the only Queen Wu Zetian in history.

Shenyu is a employee of Shengtian Online Game Company, which is mainly responsible for monitoring the normal operation of the game. As soon as I got online, I received a notice from BOSS, so that she must "destroy" the first wave of "Qingjun Side, and the demon evil", because the game could not enter the "troubled world" link.

For the rice bowl, Shenyu had to "ordered to act". Soon after the proud world came out, the queen queen's "sinister, vicious, poisonous like snake scorpion" resignation. Shen Yu is very depressed. Although her means are not very bright, it will not tell her like this ...

She was just the leader of the "Righteous Army", and then dragged to no one, so that Qian Niwei, who guarded the palace, "rounded" him. By the way, he touched the "rebel tiger" on him. Just disintegrated the "Righteous Army" offensive ...

"If Life is just like the beginning" author: glutinous rice orange

Introduction: A miserable experience that seems to be a small red -famous female player who looks like a small and smart female player.

GM — the absolute dominance in the game, using the power of power to deceive the female players, can be described as the same.

If life is just as early as you see.

Will she still fight for a moment?

Will he still tell her the truth from the beginning?

It's a pity that life is just like the beginning ==

Even though there are fantasies about the top master of the iceberg, he will be killed by that rogue sentence -

"Robbing a woman with me? Do you want to be initialized?"

Ye Yingying's moldy girl+trouble attracting physical fitness can really escape the rogue belly of black claws? Intersection

At that time, he stood up to the wind, and the dazzling light that could not be covered in his eyes: "If you don't love this, I am also willing to create a world you love and let you do it arrogantly."

"Pet Petting"


Pet first level: You are my pet, you have to kill the monster upgrade for me;

Pet the second level: You are my pet, you have to put me on the sky to cut the hair in winter to make a coat;

Pets third level: sweeping the floor for rice to cook coffee, but also make money for me to consume;

Pet Pet Level 4: ...

woman! Enough, I will talk nonsense again!

Ah, pet, don't move!

Cat Traveling Author: He Zao

(After the female lead is hit by a car, wears a cat to online games)


Wake up, black cats, rosemary.

Three identities.

This is a girl who claims to be lady in reality.

This is a cat who can play games.

This is an extremely shameless and a little confused.

Let's experience a fantasy adventure together

"One -half Prince" novel Author: Royal I


In a corner with my brother, I was laughed at by my brother who would only rely on men. When I was angry, I decided to rely on myself, and I must defeat my brother. It happened that the second life of the new game was listed on the market. It was the first to enter the game. The beauty GM said that I can have a wish, huh! ~~~~~~ I. want. Change. become. male. people

PS: Oh, I am too handsome to be too handsome. I actually eat tofu by the beautiful girl GM, oh oh ohuma ~~~

PS2: ... God! MM actually wants to raise me

Ps3: Oh my god, handsome guy ... Actually G, I still have to bubble, go to death! When I am a woman, you do n’t want it, now a fart.

Unbelievable super funny! Incredible team partners! Incredible growth experience! Will the prince reach his dream in the end? Royal I invite readers to experience growth with the prince and achieve dreams together.

"Shushan Smile" Author: Mingyuexiu


Others are playing games, but I am played by the game

Is it that the character is so good, so the Shushan server is jealous?

If you don’t report this revenge, you will be born as a man in the next life


I really became a man in the game---

Virtual Perfect -Forbiddenness

The Road of Lich Emperor -Forbiddenness

Shengshi Fireworks -Night Phoenix

Leisure -Ai Xiaoyu

The whole profession of rice bug -listen to the rain in autumn night

Duke of Mistermination -Wuti Ci 公

Melee Fairy -Yan Jiujiu

Disaster Genesis -Ling Wu Shui Sleeve

The above are all female online games, most of which have finished.

Slightly smiled very much, one -tenth of the prince absolutely classic female dominating online game novels!

This is enough. Essence Essence It's not easy. You give the mailbox

1 [Online game] Feng Qingyun laugh.txt

"The Road of Tongxiao" is an online game that Yun Xiao started playing in the summer vacation. She is a leveling crazy, and this game task is simple and the upgrade is fast. This little flower.

It is not a Xiaohua. After all, people are well -known big online games?

It's just ... it is weird. Known as the most expensive online game in China.

upgrade? Can be bought with RMB. Equipment materials? Can be bought with RMB. Massive experience tasks? The poor in the game can't afford it.

It sounds like a game that is not very loving, in fact, it is very cool to play.

2 "Online Games Liuyue Cold Star" VIP finished author Wu Tianliu Fire .txt

Background introduction

Game Name: Fighting Sword Jianghu

Game background: Background with ancient Chinese martial arts world as the background

Ten Martial Arts: Shaolin Tianwang Five Poison Cui Yan Emei Tangmen Mingjiao Wudang Kunlun Duan

Among them, Emei has a variety of gain effects for the doctor -type occupation (of course, playing violent Emei like the protagonist, please ignore it).

Uranus, Shaolin is the occupation of pure physics, characterized by high blood and thickness, and attack.

The five poisons, Tangmen take poison as the main attack method.

Kunlun, Duan is mainly based on the attack of the French system. The cloth -type occupation has low blood and low defense, and has various reducing effects.

Wudang, Ming religion is a hybrid occupation in the physics law, which is not prominent in all aspects, but has various control capabilities. (Like a coma)

Cuiyan is a assassination physics department. The blood is low and low, and the outbreak is extremely high.

The equipment of the game:

Ordinary white equipment, excellent green equipment, excellent blue equipment, historical purple equipment, golden equipment against the sky

Colorful artifact

After the equipment is on the body, the quality of the items and equipment can be disagreed from the emitted.

White light -green light -blue light -purple light -golden light -colorful

(There is only one artifact in the game, it is in the hands of the great god)

(For the time being, introduce this point first, and then make up for it later)

The author has something to say: This is an overhead game. Essence Essence There are shadows of each game, but not. Essence Essence

3 Online games) Male true belly black female pseudo -small white -dressing pigs and eating foxes

Farewell to death

"Fairy Biography" is a well -produced online game because of its exquisite production. The game is divided into three worlds of the demon. At present, the characters and some fairyland maps are temporarily opened. Affected by martial arts novels, Li Yue had a good opinion of swords. When he entered the game, he chose the swordsman without hesitation.

4 Ship to the bridgehead naturally straight .txt

This article is a cowardly like a rat was afraid of ghosts and fear of death. I rushed, you came to me to hide, you tangled the story of strong me.

Ye Qingzhou (timid): Uncle, Uncle, Brother, you are my earth, as long as I put me a living path, I pray for your blessing like East China Sea every day, Shoubi Nanshan ...

Jolo (sneer): Do you really think so?

Ye Qingzhou (three fingers raised): I am willing to swear to the sky!

Joolo (laughing and laughing): Didn’t you say that I am your God,

Then you swear to me.

Strictly stated that the heroine of this article is the ninja turtle ~ extremely cowardly and nervous. She is not bumpy, and she can't beat the little monster. If you want to see the strong heroine, don't give me the brick. If you draw the wind, please see this article as an extremely boring little white Leiwen to watch, so hello, me ~

5 First Mom .txt

The book says that a woman can cultivate a rib for the tenth generation.

The book says that only women and villains are hard to raise.

The book said that when he was from the father, he married a husband, and the husband died.

The book says, Ji Jichen

6 [Normal BG] The Enthusiastic Beauty of Online Games .txt .txt

A girl with ordinary looks rushed into the game because she was forced into an online game by a group of handsome guys. Moreover, her group of brothers are not only very powerful in the game, but also the owners of the city of a certain city or the landlord of a certain building. They have launched the unprecedented war in the game in the game with the goal of snatching the heroine. As a result, the youngest president of the company also entered ...

7 Passing your shoulders `.txt

Bai Shui, a girl with a good appearance is pretty good. Although the name is "Bai Shui", she is not as boring and boring as Bai Kaishui. The feeling of being with you is like taking a roller coaster, and I will feel that my life is threatened at all times! "——The take it for granted, after Wen Ping finished this sentence The piano spectrum chased the campus and ran, and finally she smashed a small bag on her head.

8 Pet pets .txt

Mango is around, the woods, valleys, which side? She can't distinguish between the southeast and northwest at all! Just now grabbed a player and asked the way, but after being led for a while, the man turned and left, throwing her a few laps here, and fascinated the direction.

Who said that the game with holographic is most happy to play? In the past, I played keyboard games anyway, she can still act freely when she refers to the map. As soon as I entered this holographic game, she was like being airborne in the deep mountains and wild forests. How can others understand.

9 Ugly Girls Play Online Games

I am ugly, but I never abandon myself.

One day I will turn cocoons into butterflies!

10 Crossing online game Qiankun game settings

Update time 2008-5-17 3:02:29 Words: 375

Game setting:

1. Character attributes:


Power: (affect external force attack power and blood volume)

Reiki: (affecting internal force attack power and true gas value)

Physical constitution: (affects blood volume and defense)

Agile: (affecting fatal damage and dodge)

Outside attack: Power*10

Internal attack: Reiki*10

Blood volume: (strength+constitution)*10

True Qi: Reiki*10

Defense: constitution*10

Dodge: agile

Luck: 0 (affecting the rate of treasure)

Charm: 100 (Impact contact with NPC)

2. Equipment settings

Ordinary, bronze, black iron, silver, gold, dark gold, artifact

3. Professional settings

Main career: All occupations can attack monsters. Mainly divided into near and far offensive.

Subsequent occupation: miners, forged artists, sewing artists, pharmacists, planting, alchemy, organizer, appraiser, architect, cookingman, jewelry, winemaker, breeder, etc.

11 [Crossing the best summoned beast / Xu Wang 玥]

What are the most popular nowadays? Cross! As a result, the strongest unlucky egg in history also traveled through the bird with the popular trend ~~

But! Intersection Why do others pass through, either wearing a peerless little man to chase after the run, or to wear a red -faced marshal, and her new generation of crossing Su Xiaoxiao, even unlucky to wear a "coquettish and nursing raising The summoned beast of the stinky little ghost head of the arrogance of arrogance? Intersection Intersection

Summon the beasts summon the beast. Intersection This article tells the story of a superb beast sweeping the beautiful men in the world!

Other people waved their sleeves and did not take away a cloud, waving their claws, taking away a bunch of beautiful men ~

12 Great God, hello, goodbye

The big forum has recently noisy. On this day, the posts that have been floating at the top of the forum are marked with HOT. The number of views of more than 100,000 views within an hour and thousands of replies. When you don't pay attention, you can refresh N pages for a long time.

Rong Duo drank the water and looked at the content of the computer helplessly, and sighed helplessly. Although I saw my name occasionally, I was always peeping and bursting out of privacy. It was a bit unhappy.

[Topic] Breaking news! Extra! A Dali Legend, A finally has beautiful women! 10A224 bedroom! Do you want to know? You know (Wahaha ...)

13 Great God three or two

Game life is bland

The great god connected to three consecutive times

... Shrimp, you say you are actually a great god

Okay, do you continue to eat grass ...

The great god is. Essence

The grass is eaten, and the milk is spit out

Nod, just like this

14 Phoenix

Author: Qing Ran

Category: virtual online game

Brief introduction: inexplicably entering a super real game world, beautiful female thieves, cool gun knights, a heart sinking, for love, life and death are fearless!

Earthquake, virus, volcano ... Can players return to the real world alive?

Cavaliers, princes, assassins, thieves, demon king ... Can their feelings be positive?

15 Floating Falling Feather Cold Cold Cold

After speaking, she was leaving, and Fu Yan pulled her over and pressed into her arms. When she said that the original land was waiting for him, he determined: "Marry me." Seeing her not talking, The girl's body trembled, like a kitten that just rained, soothing with satisfaction, continued: "The cat is obedient, give me a meow?"

"You ... perverted!" Mo Danxue finally said, but his face was red, raised his head to his eyes, his throat was very uncomfortable: "Meow ..."

Not far away, Ziyan looked at them, and the sisters who watched the gossip behind him shrugged: "Hmm, from this new story, it will be circulated ~^_^"

16 Huachi Online Game Notes

Jiang Yinghua looked at the virtual helmet installed on the bedside, and she was still happy. This was the first helmet she had. In the eighteen years before, Jiang Yinghua never came into contact with virtual technology, and she had never played virtual games.

Few people believe this matter. Since the birth of the first virtual online game fifteen years ago, in just ten years, virtual technology has developed rapidly, and virtual networks have gradually improved, so that humans can perform virtual activities in sleep state, and the proportion of virtual time to realistic time is greater than the proportion of virtual time to realistic time is greater than that 1:10. It is precisely because of this that the virtual world has extended human life in disguise and has become an indispensable part of many people's lives, known as the ‘extended life”. In addition, with the advancement of science and technology, the manufacturing cost of virtual helmets a few years ago has fallen sharply. It is no longer a luxury for wealthy and rich, but a casual product that consumers can bear. Especially the Hualong Technology Group, which was led by the International Alliance and the founder of the virtual technology, joined the virtual game world that can accommodate the world of humans in the world -'Unreal Time and Space. Second world, a 'virtual world that is linked to the real world'.

17 Mix in Beauty Men's Studio

Female online game.

Let me be a spy? Intersection Intersection OMG, I sold me directly! Intersection

Isn't it just a little problem that you have picked up a little bit? As for me like this? Do you think you are the seven stars in the North Pole, I'm afraid? Tell you, I'm not afraid! Hum, I have a big guy, who am I afraid of ...

18 pictures of rivers and lakes.txt

In the supermarket, when Zhao Tingting moved a box of Baile pure milk to the shopping cart, Wu Xiao was stunned: "Why do you buy so much?" Zhao Ting smiled with a smile.

: "First, it is discounted, buy two get one free; second, it has a gift for the sky!" Wu Xiao sweated immediately, and said that the second article was the main one. Tianyou is an online game company,

Zhao Tingting is the severe obsession of its game. The dairy market has just experienced a storm, so it has launched a variety of promotional activities. At a glance, it is slippery.

The child "did not detect melamine". And Baole also joined forces to join the Tiandou, launch a box of milk to get a set of scrapers, and then you can replace it in any game of Tianyou

The mysterious prize, which attracts Zhao Tingting a box of Baile every day. Anyway, I also had to buy milk. Wu Xiaoshun also took two boxes in the car and put it in the car: "It doesn't matter if you buy it.

19 "囧 神 19 (online game)"


"Do you think I like it?"

"Who do you think people don't like to attract people after eating that thing?"

She is a stubborn Xiao Qiangqi. She wants to conquer her man's pocket, and let her god watch her spend his money and shouted, "Don't! Don't stop!"

But ... which man is her man?

20 Nine Life Cat Monster Cao Duke

Yichen, the game name grapes: In life, it is cold, because the once harm has deep suspicion to people, but she wants to trust others and is a contradictory person. In the game, began to get rid of the cold character and show his true temperament.

Dongfang Ao, the game name Long Ao Tianxia: The young master of the Oriental family is at his own risk. Long Ao's attitude towards grapes has different stages.

Nangongyou, the game name of the game: the second master of the Nangong family, gentle temperament, love for others. But on the grapes, this time he wanted to be tough.

Beiche, the game name is leisurely life: kind, cautious, but because of his caution, he lost a lover.

Rose: Good friend of grapes

Sword Xiao Han: Usually gentle and elegant, but when he encounters deficit, he becomes hysteria.

Come and go: Although I seem to have experienced something, it is a naive and lively child in the game.

Go and come: Brother who come and go. I took care of it, and I thought for him all the time.

Block the Buddha.

21 Stunning Beauty Entrance Theory.txt .txt

But life often does not develop in the direction of people. When my iron buddy squeezes my whole month of breakfast money and then runs to me and throws me a strange helmet, I am completely desperate ... It seems me That month's breakfast money is worth such a helmet and connector? Intersection

22 Love in love

Stars and singers play online games together, playing different wonderful wonderful, the princess encounters a ruthless role, is it obediently surrendered or fights hard?

I, Jiang Zixian, finally escaped from the agent's magic claws. How can I not be able to afford myself without a 3 or 5 months of long holidays?

I decided -abandon the identity of idol singers and return to college and sister High to the end.

Hey ... the best 3D online game in the country? The quality of the picture is really good.

Grab the relatives, save NPCs, cross -service battles, city wars ... What do you let me do MARS's image endorsement? Just smell the sound? seems fun. Okay ~ enter ...

Tags: beautiful girl, cool brother, princess princess online game

23 Lazy Notepad of Online Games

Yu Qiu recently fascinated the game, and felt that it was always boring to play a single machine there, so through the strong recommendation of Chang Le and Xu Feifei, the unscrupulous friend of the same bedroom, downloaded a one called "Play the Magic World" Online games.

The historical background and game settings of "Playing Magic World" are adapted from the popular comic "Magic Blue Sky". According to Chang Le, its content and NPC are basically the same as the comics, but the same is different The original things are very playable.

24 trash bins

"Wow!" The brown coffee splattered, fell on the mahogany desk, exuding a mellow fragrance, stimulating the sense of smell.

"Lin Fan, you can pack me up! You roll it for me, today! No! Get me now!" The beautiful female director didn't care about what happened to what happened now.

"Why?" There was a faint surprise in the nice voice.

"You are so embarrassed to ask me why you! You offend our company's biggest customer, and you let me be in front of them ..." The female director in charge of silver teeth bite tightly, and the fists clenched tightly were exposed. The woman on the opposite side is about to be beaten.

"What about my salary this month? There is a salary if you have a week!"

"You make the company's big customers look like that. The company is enough to give you enough to give you face. You are embarrassed to pay!" Female the female director fell in the expensive leather chair at a glance at the woman and looked at the woman. Essence

"But what should I do if my rent and water and electricity costs this month without salary?" The woman was a little anxious.

"I care about you to die! You roll me! Get! Roll! Roll now !!!" The female director pointed at the direction of the office door. Her fingers are so beautiful. Looking at the luster of the nail polish, she knows the price is expensive, let alone the diamond ring with a dazzling light.

Lin Fan looked at the beautiful fingers of the female director again, and walked out of her office a little bit sadly. How did you persist for three months?

25 "The Funity of Online Games"

"Xiaoya," Dad patted her shoulder and motioned for her to look at the desk. There was an unknown small package on the table. The game helmet, I heard that it is very good, whether to play at home, you can report to a tour group if you want to go out and play, how can you go? "

Shu Ya was stunned, computer games, online chats, etc. It was absolutely not allowed by parents before, saying that she was too young, too early to contact these things is harmful and unhelpful, but now the attitude changes. However, try the indulgence taste. Not bad.

She thought about it. Normally, there were very few friends who were busy and intimate, and she couldn't even play together. She was not interested in traveling with a group of strangers. In contrast, she would rather stay at home.