Green Water and Qingshan Episode 18.

Du Shenglou and Du's mother saw Du Xiao's emotional mood, they were a little worried. Du Xiaoyu came out to eat, but Du Xiaoyu answered a few words, saying that she would stay for a while. Although the two were worried, they had nothing to do, so they had to do it. left.

Xu Yan's hostel is about to try it. Liao Chun convened the employees to let Xu Yan give them a meeting. Xu Yan briefly told them to let them disperse, but Liao Chun did not leave. Xu Yan asked Liao Chun what reward.

Liao Chun asked Xu Yan to take himself out to play. Xu Yan refused to agree. Liao Chun pulled Xu Yan to coquettish. At this time, Du Xiao came, and Liao Chun had to let go of Xu Yan.

Du Xiaoyu also proposed to let Xu Yan take himself out to play. Xu Yan agreed without hesitation. Liao Chun wanted to let Xu Yan take himself -it would not agree, and Xu Yan refused to agree, leaving with Du Xiaoyu.


Xu Yan (Yang Shuo) has run 8 years of art examination training school in Beijing, and is accidentally attracted by rural scenery. He decided to return to his hometown to create a boutique homestay, but encountered a series of unexpected challenges; The "old craftsmanship" of Liuli has deep emotions. After resigning and returning home, he decided to set up a glass workshop.

However, it is impossible to get the understanding and support of the family. After two young people, the assistance and support of college student village officials Zheng Fei (Ma Su), Xu Yan old classmates Shen Huane (Yu Yang) and local villagers can eventually complete their dreams and help the backward hometown of hometown help On the road of well -off.

You said this green water and green mountains with a smile, this is 18 episodes, he can watch.