The daughter of the laundry shop owner Jin Si Cao is an ordinary girl who has no swimming pool but has a swimming talent and a public high school second grade. In a dramatic environment, silk grass lives stubbornly.

One day, one thing happened by chance, and then the silk grass was dug into a private mythical high school. It was a noble school that could only be studying in South Korea.

Four handsome big chaebolist F4 is the character of the wind and rain in this school. The arrival of silk grass seems to be a weeds that emerge in the neatly trimmed courtyard. Facing the red card given by F4, the silk grass not only did not yield, but declared war on F4.

Silk grass dares to face the campus overlord without fear. In the eyes of the heir of the world -world big consortium, the silk grass is very similar to his sister. "".

Jun Biao brought the silk grass to her home and told her painfully to secretly associate with her. But silk grass said, how can this be like this! Her heart has long stayed in the emergency stairs, where the former president's grandson Yin Zhihou's private world, and Zhihou is the closest person in F4 and Jun Tiao.

Zhihou followed the top models, and Min Ruixian, who was the first lover, went to France.

At this time, although Jun Watch and silk grass were noisy, they had their hearts.

Their dating was strongly interfered by the mother of Jun Tiao's mother Jiang Xixiu, and the love of the two encountered a test.

President Jiang is a cold -blooded operator. As long as she is concerned about family honor and group safety, she will stop everything, and her children will be regarded as a tool that she is used.

President Jiang's "magic claws" stretched around the silk grass, and Jun Tiao became hesitant. At this time, the wisdom of returning to Korea guarded the silk ...

Korean drama "Fantastic Man"