The city of Liuguang tells the teacher Feng Shizhen, a teaching girl who was in a troubled world in the 1930s, sneaked into the premier Rong family who was at the time of Shanghai at that time, but accidentally fell in love with the son of the enemy. The past. 1-40 plot is as follows:

episode 1

At the beginning of the last century, the warlords were separated, and the heroes rose. Feng Shizhen, who graduated from Jinling Women's University, heard that Rong's wife Huang Shujun recruited a family teacher, so he came to apply.

Episode 2

Feng Shizhen taught two Miss Qianjin's knowledge of the family. The second aunt returned from his hometown. When he entered the house, he saw Feng Shizhen's teaching class. When Huang Shujun saw that the second aunt came back, Ji Shangxin introduced to the second aunt to introduce Feng Shizhen to graduated from Jinling Women's University. Huang Shujun reminded Feng Shizhen in addition to teaching the two ladies to study, but also the focus of Rong Jishang, who graduated from the school of school

Episode 3

Huang Shujun invited a few Mrs. Kuang to play cards at home. Feng Shizhen walked into the room and greeted Huang Shujun's wife. The maid Xiaoyu, the maid of Rong's family, came with a bowl of peanut soup and gave Li Ruchun for drinking. Li Ruchun drank a bite and found that there were peanuts. She was allergic to peanuts. When Huang Shujun saw Xiaoyu Mao's hands, he made Li Ruchun eat allergic food. He immediately furious and appreciated a slap to Xiaoyu in public.

Episode 4

Feng Shizhen increased the difficulty of archery to Rong Jia. She posted a few note on the target. Different note wrote different English. One of them wrote the English in English. The English note hit his arrows. pick.

Episode 5

Rong Jia was sick, Feng Shizhen came to take care of Rong Jia, and Rong Jia, who had spoiled, went back to bed and rest, and let Rong Jia Shang drink medicine. The puppy accompanied Rong Jia, and the sky was gradually bright. Rong Jia woke up. Before he was sick, he held Feng Shizhen's warm and powerful wrist before going to bed. Feng Shizhen went home to visit her parents, and she reminded her parents to be able to move for a while.

Episode 6

After taking care of the puppy for a few days, Wu Yunchi responded to Rong Jia Shang, picked up the puppy, and promised to take it home for a few days. Rong's servant Sun Shaoqing often goes to the bookstore to read books. Feng Shizhen is knowledgeable. In Sun Shaoqing's eyes, Sun Shaoqing is required to be a small sister of Rong Dingkun at the request of her sister Sun. People forced her from top to bottom. She was alone and did not dare to fight with her family.

Episode 7

Feng Shizhen returned to the room and leaned against the door. Rong Jia went out of the door, raised his hand and wanted to knock on the door, but thought about it again, and turned to leave. Feng Shizhen couldn't afford to bed. Rong Jia Shang took a bottle of flowers outside the door. Feng Shizhen got out of bed and opened the door. When she saw the flower, she guessed that the flower was put on Rong Jia, and she held the flower bottle back to the room.

Episode 8

Sun Shaoqing escaped from Rong's house at night, and hadn't rushed to the pier before being stopped by several men. Meng Xu'an was sitting in the car, meaning deeply looking at Sun Shaoqing. He explained that he was not malicious, but just wanted to ask Sun Shaoqing some things.

Episode 9

Meng Xu'an placed a contract for Xiao Baoli. After Xiao Baoli read the contract, she was flattered. If she really implemented the contract content, Meng Xuan would fully hold Xiao Baoli as a new metropolis star. Feng Shizhen moved his house, and the whole family lived in a spacious and bright new home.

Episode 10

Cao Da Shuai's antiquities were taken away by unknown people, and Kun was anxious and ordered Zhao Hua to find the whereabouts of antiquities. He thought that unknown people would take the antiques and would definitely take the waterway. If you can't find the antiquities, Cao Shuai will naturally not make the Rong family better. Yang Xiucheng tracked Sun Shaoqing to Hong Kong by boat. When he sent someone to catch up with the boat, someone shifted away from Sun Shaoqing in advance.

Episode 11

Aunt Sun suddenly came to the pelvis and was taken to the hospital by the Rong family. The escorted subordinates reminded Feng Shixun to protect their children. It doesn't matter if adults die. Feng Shixun disagrees with the view that he is a doctor. He will determine to save adults or children depending on the situation. After a night of receiving birth, Feng Shixun successfully asked Aunt Sun to be a mother. After Aunt Sun learned that she was born with a baby boy, she suddenly felt sad and happy, and had a feeling of raising her eyebrows.

Episode 12

After Feng Shizhen learned about the cause of his brother Rong Jia's brother, he enlisted Rong Jia, reminding Rong Jia Shang to protect his relatives around him. In order to let Guo Dazhuang confess to the confession, Rong Jiashang asked his men to send meals into the room. One of them pretended to eat the eggs in the rice, and fell to the ground to death after eating the eggs, creating the illusion that someone wanted Guo Dazhuang. Guo Dazhuang put on Rong Jia's fingers and told all the secrets he knew.

Episode 13

Rong Jia went out to return, and the sulfur smell on the clothes, which caused Feng Shizhen's attention. Feng Shizhen pretended not to know that Rong Jia had a sulfur smell on his body, and introduced the designed snacks to Rong Jia. Rong Jia went upstairs and met Huang Shujun. The two faced their faces and pretended not to see each other. Rong Jia went to the study to find his father, and mentioned that he had found a group of arms. If he bought the arms, he could spend less money to pay Cao Shuai.

Episode 14

Rong Pingkun called the mayor's office, but could not be unplugged for a day. Feng Shizhen accompanied Sister Fang Lin in the lobby on the first floor to watch shoes. The sisters were going to go out to buy shoes and invited Feng Shizhen to go out. Feng Shizhen also went to see the boss to buy wine, and she planned to take a yellow car to the winery. Rong Jia went over and proposed to drive Feng Shizhen to the winery. Feng Shizhen took it out of Rong Jiashang to the outside of the winery. Episode 15

In a few days, Rong Jiashang's 20th birthday, Feng Shizhen reminded Yu Zhihui to wear beautiful and bright to come to Rong's house to celebrate his birthday. Yu Zhihui was worried that he was too shabby and would lose his face. Rong Kun suddenly came downstairs, and his face showed that Yu Zhihui grew up. Rong Kun asked Feng Shizhen to take Yu Zhihui to go upstairs, and went to the sister -in -law's room, who had escaped, and took a few suitable clothes to wear.

Episode 16

Meng Xuan scolded Rong Pingkun for a meal, opened the door when he was leaving, and left with a smile in front of the door to Rong Pingkun. Huang Shujun found auntie who was sitting in the lobby. Although Aunt Sun added another male to the Rong family, she was always the little sister of the Rong family. Unwilling to leave, Ji Shangxin came to propose to lead Sun Tai to see everyone present, and introduced everyone to the people of Sun's family.

Episode 17

Yu Zhihui had a bitter water to Feng Shizhen. When he mentioned his situation, he had to marry someone, otherwise his family would not have debt. Those who want to marry Yu Zhihui are similar to Rong Pingkun, and the age of the other son is much different from Rong Jia Shang. After Feng Shizhen left, she met her brother Feng Shixun outside the house. She was responsible for leading the way. She saw Feng Shizhen's appearance, so she left.

Episode 18

Yu Zhihui took the money, returned to the residence, and gave 5,000 yuan to the elder brother. Since then, she announced that she would no longer owe her elder brother. That night, Yu Zhihui packed his luggage, stuffed a letter into the door of the room where his mother lived, kneeling on the ground and worshiped in the room. He said goodbye to his mother. Rong Jiashang once reminded Yu Zhihui to leave Shanghai, otherwise it would be tortured by Rong Kun.

Episode 19

Feng Shizhen found that after Meng Xu'an appeared at her birthday party, Rong Pingkun strictly guarded her, and Feng Shizhen decided to resign. Feng Shizhen ignored Rong Jia's obstruction and came to the ruins of the pharmacy, and couldn't help thinking of the fire, which harmed her father's family.

Episode 20

When Hashimoto Showa saw the finding of Rong Jia's newspaper in the newspaper, the Rong family was willing to take out 10,000 yuan to find the lost antique Jin Qilin. Take the initiative to find Rong Jia, let Rong Jiashang please her father and strive to get Jin Qilin. After the test after the test, Feng Shizhen came to resign from Mrs. Rong.

Episode 21

Rong Jiashang stopped Feng Shizhen's car, and Feng Shizhen had to get out of the car and Rong Jia the theory. Rong Jiashang refused to leave Feng Shizhen to leave Rongfu. He promised that he would lift his marriage with Du Lanxin and then be with Feng Shizhen.

Episode 22

Rong Jiashang believes that he can make wool from Australia and transport wool back to China to make a lot of money. Hashimoto wants to develop the South Line, Rong Kun wants to develop the north route, and the two take their own needs and are willing to cooperate together.

Episode 23

The news of the fire in Wenchunli was published in the newspaper. When Feng Shizhen read the news, he suspected two people in his mind. A person is Yang Xiucheng. Although Yang Xiucheng is Rong Kun's capable general, he may have been dissatisfied with Rong Chongkun's heart, secretly leaking the secrets of Rong Chongkun as the firmer of Wenchunli to the newspaper.

Episode 24

Yang Xiucheng and Du Lanxin were stolen. After the two went to bed, Yang Xiucheng couldn't wait to rush to Du Lanxin, but Du Lanxin had no intention of stealing affection first, but mentioned a news report that Rong Pingkun was suspected of setting fire on Wen Chunli.

Episode 25

Rong Jiachang showed his cards to Du Lanxin and disassembled Du Lanxin with a marriage contract and ghosts. He did not name the name of the man who had a private relationship with Du Lanxin. Du Lanxin was uneasy and realized that Rong Jia Shang knew that the man was Yang Xiucheng.

Episode 26

Meng Xuan took a high price and took a necklace to let Feng Shizhen wear it on stage. Jewelry and beauty can display the charm of jewelry. At the end of the first round of auction, everyone moved freely. Rong Jia Shang walked in front of Feng Shizhen, thinking that Feng Shizhen was not suitable for wearing a neck chain on his neck. Feng Shizhen saw Du Lanxin not far away. Yang Xiu achieved the accomplishment of Du Lanxin. The two were close and intimate.

Episode 27

Meng Xu'an stopped Rong Jia's road, and Rong Jia went to the car to confront Meng Xu'an. No one is afraid of anyone, and each other is a character in Shanghai. Rong's thugs also rushed over, and the two sides were evenly matched. Rong Jiashang proposed to take Meng Xu'an to go home to sign a few agreements. He must guarantee that he can retrieve Jin Qilin, and eventually he belongs to the original master.

Episode 28

Feng Shizhen came out of the ward where Fanghua lived, leaning on the wall to relax. Feng Shixun came over and looked at the younger sister who looked at her face. Her sister looked stunned and had injuries on her feet. Feng Shixun brought his sister Feng Shizhen to a ward and used the potion to deal with Feng Shizhen's injuries.

Episode 29

Rong Jiashang remembered the scene of buying arms and merchants. At that time, someone fired in the dark and poured a few fighters. Rong Jiashang picked up a button in the place of incident, and Feng Shizhen's coat was missing a capacity of the same buttons. Based on this, Rong Jiashang analyzed that the person who fired at the time was Feng Shizhen.

Episode 30

Feng Shizhen and Rong Jia were lying on the bed and chatted. Meng Xu'an was a martial art teacher of Feng Shizhen. He taught Feng Shizhen's skills and obtaining intelligence. When he turned around with Meng Xu'an, Feng Shizhen scolded Meng Xuan a dog's head. Although Rong Jiashang had no relationship with Meng Xu'an, he was clear about Meng Xu'an. He believed that Meng Xu'an was a very strong desire to conquer. From Meng Xu'an attempting to destroy the Rong family, he could see his personality. Episode 31

Rong Jiashang was worried that he and Feng Shizhen were the sisters and brothers of the same father. He fell into thought and was hard to sleep overnight. Feng Shizhen didn't know that he and Rong Jiaxian might be a relative. She woke up late at night and looked at the pillows around her habitually. The other side was lying on the other side. Lost.

Episode 32

Rong Kun gradually fell asleep, and then Rong Jia Shang quietly quit the room. Feng Shizhen called back to his hometown hospital in the office, and his brother Feng Shixun answered the phone. Feng Shizhen learned that Feng Shixun often worked overtime recently and was worried about his parents. His parents did nothing at home. If Feng Shixun often went home, he could make his family more joyful.

Episode 33

Rong Jiashang found that Feng Shizhen's mother's surname Bai. He entered the room and accused his father of Rong Ping Kun killed Bai's because Bai became his father Rong Kun's stumbling block. Rong Pingkun believes that there are not many trustworthy people around him, including Zhao Hua'an and Huang, who have followed him for many years, and they are like ghosts.

Episode 34

In the middle of the night, the snowfall was flying, and the gatekeeper of the old house in Rong's house heard that someone patted the door, so he opened the iron gate. Unexpectedly, the people outside the door raised a pistol, and the gatekeeper was stunned by the people. The coming person was Meng Xu'an's men. After the gatekeeper resolved, several Meng Xu'an entered the old house of Rong's house.

Episode 35

Rong Jiashang questioned whether Rong Dingkun was Qin Shuigen, and Rong Kun was shocked. Rong Jiashang hoped that Feng Shizhen would take care of herself, and promised to stand on her Spring Festival in the morning and evening. Every family was festive. Feng Shizhen returned to a long -lost home and received a warm reception of the three family of adoptive parents.

Episode 36

Meng Xuan was worried that Feng Shizhen had a relationship with Rong Jiashang. Feng Shizhen thought that Rong Jiashang was a man, and it was impossible for a woman to protect him. Feng Shizhen admitted that what he wanted to do most was to smash the black heart industry of Rong's family, all of them smashed, and one did not stay.

Episode 37

Feng Shizhen decippped many passwords of Zhao Hua'an. Meng Xu'an sent people to destroy Zhao Hua Anyun's goods. The newspaper published a news report that Zhao Hua'an had been destroyed several times under the name of Zhao Hua'an. Enter the room to applaud Feng Shizhen.

Episode 38

Rongjia's sudden fire, Rong Congkun was transferred to the main building. He took the opportunity to call, showing his identity, and the person who entrusted the phone to answer the phone to help do something. As long as things were done, Rong Kun promised to be in response.

Episode 39

Rong Jia Shang called the police chief, saying that he had a friend who was arrested. The director of the police asked Rongjia to ask the name of the friend who was taken away.

Episode 40

After Feng Shizhen arrived in Peiping, her brother Awen reminded her to receive a lot of letters written by Feng Rongjia and should reply to a letter. Rong Jia Shang participated in the Military Friendship Association, and his partner persuaded him to find a woman to dance, but he only had Feng Shizhen in his heart. I don't know when, Feng Shizhen appeared quietly, dancing with Rong Jia.