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The plot introduction of the trap clip and the four kingdoms ...

Clara (Mackenziefoy )'s mother left her when she was very young, and the only thing left to her daughter was a box of priceless treasures. Derosser Meyer (MorganFreeman) is Clara's godfather. At a party he held, a mysterious golden line guided Clara to find the key to open the box. Clara was teleported into a mysterious parallel world.

This is a magic world created by Clarala's mother. The four kings are in charge of their kingdom, and the keys that Clara dreamed of was the most evil one of them -Queen Jiang Mu (Helen Meronm In the hand of Helenmirren), her existence made this world of peace and prosperity gradually fall into an apocalypse. Clara must cooperate with the kind friends she met here to regain the key and crush the rule and ambition of Queen Jiang's mother.

Walnut clip and four kings are movies produced by Disney.

Clara has been looking for a key -this unique key will open the box with priceless treasures.

At a festive party held by the godfather De Rosaelay, a golden line guided her to find the keys that dreamed of, but disappeared into a strange and mysterious parallel world in an instant.

In the parallel world, Clara met with soldiers, a group of mice, and three kings in charge of the Snowflake Kingdom, Flower Kingdom, and Candy Kingdom. Clara and Philip must bravely accept the test of the fourth king -the tyrant Jiang Mu, in order to retrieve the keys and bring peace back to this crumbling parallel world.

However, after Clara tossed after some toss, it turned out that Jiang's mother was a good person who had always been considering for this parallel world, and the sour plum sugar fairy of the flower kingdom was always ambitious to use the key to open Cla The ambitionist of the machine that can be invented by his mother during his lifetime can become a big toy soldier.

So in the end, Clarala defeated the sour plum sugar fairy with the protagonist princess halo and his black knight Philip, saved the parallel world, and then returned to his world.

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