Black rose series movies include "92 Black Rose to Black Rose", "Rose Rose I Love You", "Black Rose Rose Jie Jinlan", "Learning Black Rose".

1. "92 Black Rose to Black Rose"

It was a comedy directed by Liu Zhenwei in 1993. Shao Meiqi, Mao Shunzhen, Liang Jiahui, Feng Bao Bao, Huang Yunshi and other starring stars. It is told by the killing case of yellow butterflies and friends who hit the shooting of the shooting. Lu Qi, a police officer who had a good opinion of the yellow butterfly, came to rescue each other. The random love field battle began to be staged.

2. "Rose and Rose I Love You"

It is a movie directed by Peng Qihua. It was released in 1993. Hong Kong actors Carina Lau, Liang Jiahui, Zhong Zhentao, Ye Yuqing starred. Telling the stolen McKee (Ren Dahua) stealing Mara Stars, was arrested by the detective Lu Qi (Liang Jiahui) and Liang Xingbo (Tong Zhentao), while Mara Star was unknown. (Ye Yuqing).

3. "Black Rose Jie Jinlan"

It is a action movie directed by Yuan Kui and starring Lin Jiyun, Xue Jiayan and others. The film tells the story of the ice room guy Awu and Lu Qi persuaded Black Rose out of the rivers and lakes to deal with the wicked sour plum soup.

4. "Learning Black Rose"

"Through the Black Rose" is an action comedy movie produced by Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd. in 2004. Directed by Huang Zhenzhen, Donnie Yen, starring Zheng Yijian, Mao Shunzhen, Cai Zhuoyan, Zhong Xinzhen and other starring. The film tells the story of the two women who were trained by black roses as trainees of black roses to defeat the wisteria women.

Extended information:

"Learning Black Rose" creative background:

The plot mode of "Through the Black Rose" is mainly to learn from Liu Zhenwei's "92 Black Rose to Black Rose". The plot mode is the content of "92 Black Rose to Black Rose" and "Black Rose Jie Jinlan".

The theme of "Through the Black Rose" is to describe the differences between the two generations, and most of the previous generations believe that the concept of long -lasting and long justice, but this generation does not seem to have this attitude. The joke in the play is from the generation of the two generations, showing their different views on society, trends, and love.

Black Rose and Black Rose (1977) Nanhong / Xie Xian / Chen Baozhu

Nine two black roses against Black Rose (1992) Liang Jiahui / Shao Meiqi / Mao Shunzhen / Baby Feng

Learned Black Rose (2004)

Cai Zhuoyan / Zhong Xintong / Zheng Yijian / Mao Shunzhen

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Black rose to black roses in 1992

I love you in 1993

1997 Black Rose Rose Jie Jinlan

In the 2004 Black Rose Series, the apprentice black rose

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