The previously popular "Happiness will come to knock on the door" has been heated. After a few episodes of the show, some audiences feel too depressed, because in this drama, Huang Li, played by Nie Yuan A very miserable person, the child is not his own, but also faces derailed storms, so the audience feels very depressed. "Happiness will come to knock on the door" is starred by Nie Yuan and Wu Jinyan. At the beginning of the plot, Huang Zili played by Nie Yuan is a very miserable person, but with the encouragement of the heroine dialect, through his own efforts, It is also an inspirational story to gain a double harvest of career love.

At the beginning of the plot, Huang Zili came from a small place. Through his own efforts, he not only achieved his career, but also gained love, but fate always likes to joke with you. When everyone envy Huang Li, There was a problem with his career and marriage. His child was not his own, and at this time, he was misunderstood and derailed. The worst was reported because there was no evidence to prove himself, so Huang Li was fired. At the beginning of the plot, the actor was so miserable and suffered so many unlucky things, so the audience felt very depressed.

Just a few episodes of this drama, the leading actor Huang Li lost his work, and there was a problem with the marriage. It can be described as "the worst actor". This plot also caused the audience to be too depressed. However, Huang Lijian encountered dialects, and many interesting things happened between the two. In the end, Huang Li was encouraged by the dialect and began to vibrate slowly. In the end, he not only harvested his career, but also found his happiness.

In general, there are still many watches in this drama. The plot is also very good. It is very close to real life. It also encourages the audience to not give up when facing the test of life, and face the setbacks of life strongly and confidently. There are a lot of unsatisfactory life in life. Laughing is the best solution to life. Life is difficult, but you still have to go forward.

Because the plot of this drama is very real, and these plots reveal the helplessness of society.

It may be because this TV series can still show something unexpected and full of pain.

Because the feeling of this drama is too real, all the bitter things in society are performed.