Moriadi was dead, but his influence did not disappear. Like the bride's death, it can be killed everywhere. It is just a flesh that die, but the story has just begun.

Charlotte said "he is back" instead of "she is back", and the blood word of Miss Me appearing on the wall. All this is just the construction of Charlotte in dreams, the purpose is to get rid of the demon Moriati.

Extended information:

The conventional plot setting of "Sherlock Sherlock" is to move the original story of Conan Douer to a modern society. This special article will let the heroes "cross" the Victorian era in the original book through "clever plot settings". At the same time It is not separated from the story story of the previous season. As a special article in 2016, "Detective Sherlock" was released in 2016. The film put back the plot editing of the first three seasons of the TV series.

Then the TV series Sherlock took a plane and was exiled to re -interpret the new plot. This may be the illusion caused by Holmes morphine or cocaine, or the reasoning of Holmes into the memory palace, or it may be a new plot staged by the Victorian era and modern simplicity 100 years ago.

A bride fell down, millions of brides stood up! It's not the bride's resurrection, but a person like her will use her name to do the same thing.

Moriate is dead, and tens of millions of "Moriati" is about to "resurrected". The news of resurrection has spread

What does the last scene mean? Some people think that it is a test of water. See if I can interpret all previous as the imagination of Holmes in the 19th century, and go back to shoot the story of the nineteenth century. I think this idea is not credible. This way It's given all your selling points

My understanding is:

The last scene is the only reality, the initial time point, and the end of the end. The entire story (including the so -called wake back to reality) is the thinking palace. It happened here. Only this scene is true.

The whole story is divided into three dreams

The first layer of "Dream", the "abominable bride" case in the nineteenth century

The second layer of "dream", pseudo reality (memory)

The third layer of "Dream", Lai Simbach Waterfall

整个故事是Sherlock梳理之前的一切:(1)Sherlock通过模拟新娘案探寻Moriarty是否已死------(2)Moriarty让他醒来进入伪现实-----(1)陷入梦境找After the truth ------ (2) After waking up, enter the pseudo reality ----- (3) Moriarty pulls him into the triple dream- (2) After defeating Moriarty, return to the dwellness-- -(1) After getting off the plane and getting on the bus again, enter a dream again ------- (reality) The last scene returned to the scene he sorted out

Dreams are the reproduction of memory. The second dream scene is the fact that happened. It is the memory of Sherlock, but the whole story is Sherlock's thinking palace. Therefore Mixed together makes people unable to distinguish memory and reality, just like Zhuang Zhou Mengdie. It is the 20th century in the 19th century.