Li Weifan: Divorce with Fang Yian, and the child is monitored together. A psychological counseling room was reopen.

Fang Yian: Divorced Li Weifan, and the child was monitored together. I still love Zhan Yan, but just go around, nothing. He was pitiful and angry.

Zhou Dashan and the sea also opened a "healthy cooking" together. It looks satisfied.

Zhan Yan: It is the chairman of "Healthy Cooking". (I have always believed that this title was given to Jiang Yongsheng. Because Jiang Yongsheng once said: I thought that I would "marry" a chairman.)

Jiang Yongsheng: I was busy in the "Healthy Cooking", a peaceful smile.

Ji Dongyang: Ji Shi arrived at the most critical. Someone appeared with his business card, so Ji passed the crisis. Then, in the "healthy cooking", he called the field again, from 12 to 3 pm. (Those who support Ji Zhanlian all say that this time shows that Ji Dongyang is finally with Zhan Yan. Because Tian 1, what Zhan Yan wants to get the time is the time period of Ji Dongyang.)

Ji Changyu: It seems that there is no illness. When he heard the news of Ji Dongyang's information about the presence, he smiled cunning.

Zhao Hemin: Although she broke with Jiang Yongsheng, at least there was Wu Yi, who Jiang Yongsheng fought for her. Even if you are lonely in the future, as Ji Changyu said, you can count the loneliness.

Zhao Qiwei: Marry Jiang Yongxin. What a good ending, the person who thought the most could not be responsible, later, was the cutest. Simply marry for love for love.

In the end, Jiang Yongsheng heard the news that Ji Dongyang was going to contract and gently held the hand of Zhan Yan. The long years are endless and energy, but at that moment, the forever is like being destined, and no one can disappoint.

The finale "Xiaofan and Fang Yian divorced, and the child monitored together. Xiao Fan opened a psychological consulting clinic and left a business card to leave Yi'an. He said that the two would still be friends in the future. Yan confessed his love. Zhan Yan decided to announce the bankruptcy of Ji's company in accordance with Jiang Yongsheng's opinion. At this time, a gentleman appeared. He took Ji Dongyang's business card and said that he commissioned him to come. Ji's crisis was lifted. But Zhan Yan believes that Ji Dongyang has appeared at this time, indicating that he has been watching the whole thing, knowing her thoughts, and knowing everything that happened, but at this time, it was too cruel. Exit Ji Shi, Heshan, Zijuan, Jiang Yongsheng, Fang Yi'an, opened a restaurant together, called "healthy cooking". The call came, and the waiter answered the phone, saying that a gentleman named Ji Dongyang chartered tonight from 12 to 3 o'clock. At this time, the episode sounded. Jiang Yongsheng had a stunning expression. What is it, he must be the love of Zhan Yan. Ji Changyu's eyes are covered with tears. Zhao Hemin can't believe it, a surprise look. Zhou Dashan and Zijuan's dull expression, Zhou Dashan guessed exhibition Yan will not agree, Zijuan said Zhan Yan will definitely agree and stay with Ji Dongyang. Zhan Yan always smiles. Then two hands are gently held together, Jiang Yongsheng and Zhan Yan ... People mentioned that there is no real appearance in the camera) a very beautiful ending.

The finale was Zhan Yan's decision to withdraw from Tianma Company to make auction of Tianma. At this time, a gentleman appeared. He held the business card of the season and said that it was the session entrusted him. Let Ji appear, only his company. Zhan Yan withdrew from Tianma, He Mountain, Zijuan, Jiang Yongsheng, Fang Yi'an, opened a cafe together, Ji Changyu, Zhao Hemin came to the show. When they were enthusiastically entertaining the guests, they called Come on, a waiter answered the phone, saying that there was a Mr. Ji Dongyang's Mr. Ji Dongyang chartered tonight from 12 to 3 o'clock. At this time, the episode sounded, and Jiang was unhappy. Ji Changyu's eyes were full of tears. Without the expression that believes, Zhou Dashan and Zijuan's dull expression, Zhan Yan smiled and ended the ending of Tian Ruo's second part.

Li Weifan opened a psychological consultation center.

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