The gods believed in Chaoshan area

There are a lot of gods and Buddhas in Chaoshan people. Except for counties and counties, there are Buddhist temples and temples, and urban and rural areas have their own gods. And it is not a dedicated Buddha, the Tao, but the worship of the Buddha and the Tao.

The most commonly believed gods are: Xuantian God, Emperor Sanyi (Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu), Master Guan, King San Mountain, the storm of storms (tube wind and rain), Land Master, Anji Holy King, Master Zha Caicai ( Generally placed in shops or homes), compassion maid, Qisheng mother, Nu Shengniang, pearl mother, mother -in -law, Tian Di parents (in the open -air place in front of the temple door), articles (in charge of knowledge), Marshal Tian Yuan (placed Yu Class), Fire God (kiln god), the gods of each family: the landlord (behind the door), heaven and earth, stove god (in the stove), in -laws (on the bedside), Jinggong Jinggong The mother of Jing (Jing Shen, placed by the well), door god, grain mother (in charge of crops, placed on tables or rice buckets) are Taoist religions, as well as Buddhist Buddhas, Guanyin Bodhisattva, and water in the water Buddha (placed by the river). The above are all gods that Chaoshan people have worshiped since ancient times. The worship time can be incense every day, or worship of the first and fifteen fifteen worships, or festivals, or a god of worship on the birthday of a god. However, the gods worshiped in each place are not the same. The gods like the grass -tail are: Master Grandma, Master Da Gong, the old man, mother -in -law, Pearl Niangniang, Guanyin Niangniang, and Chengde and Shan Temple: Song Dafeng The ancestors, Rulai Buddha and other gods and Buddhas.

These gods also have their own management (blessing) scope, and some are protecting the safety of people and animals in a certain urban and rural or in a certain area, and some are the protection of a certain industry or something. "The graveyard can not stay with the temple", which means that the ghosts of the graveyard will treat the coming as guests, and the god of the temple is not welcome to the foreigners because of its certain management scope. It is not allowed. Ha ha! I also listened to the older generation. In fact, the worship of God in Chaoshan is not entirely a feudal superstition, and it is also a traditional custom. Because Chaoshan's unique geographical location is almost surrounded by the mountains, it is isolated from the outside. The external connection is on the verge of the sea, and there are many people and fewer places, so many people have to leave their hometowns in order to live, to make a living, do business or go to the sea to fish. His concern for his loved ones and missing on the blessing of the gods, it has never ended for many years, so the temple incense in the Chaoshan area is very prosperous.