"Hero Heroes" Season 11 Episode 11 Drama Introduction

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Act 11: Four Volumes of Crisis

Chapter eleven: fallout -recap

On that weird and painful night, Claire's father told her daughter full of blood, and she knew her superpowers many years ago. In order to protect her safety, he did something unpleasant.

Claire admitted to his father that Lyle and Zach also knew their secrets. Her father asked her not to tell anyone, especially her mother.

In the local prison, another dialogue is also undergoing. Peter said to his brother Nathan, who came to visit the prison that he could not stop the upcoming nuclear explosion. "That's because you can't." The voice of speaking is very similar to Sylar. Peter raised his head, and was shocked that it was Sylar sitting around, not nathan ... Peter panicked from this terrible illusion.

Jessica (Niki )'s guns rang, d.L. Fall the ground on the shoulders. When she crossed the road to find her son, she found that D.L. and Micah were gone -they fled into the jungle. D.L. and his son found a small wooden house in the jungle. D.L. Passing his hand through the door panel and opened the door lock from the inside. Micah was stunned.

Mr. Bennett came to the secret base of the technology company of Primatech, and Sylar was imprisoned here. Bennett told Sylar that his superpowers did not work in this place. He also believes that after many changes to Sylar's DNA, he has severely damaged his brain and led to mental disorders. In the corridor, Eden said her question: Since she can commit suicide anywhere anytime, anywhere, why is Bennett still let Sylar live?

Audrey and Matt came to an accident to investigate. They believed that Sylar was not a crime alone, and there must be another helper -Peter, who was arrested by the police yesterday night, was suspected of major suspicion. So the two interrogated Peter, but he refused to say anything. When Matt attempts to read Peter's thoughts, Peter suddenly became extremely painful. After everything passed, Peter also gained the ability to read the mind. He told the two policemen that the cheerleader that Sylar killed was not the object they needed to save.

Suresh returned to his father's apartment in New York, and the shelf behind the door was posted on a note left by Eden: "Welcome home! I know you will come back! Continue to work now!" Suresh faxes his father's list to the relevant departments And warned that someone was tracking the person on the list, but the authorities turned a blind eye.

Eden found that Isaac was drawing sketching, so he asked him what it was, but Isaac said it was nothing special. Eden told Isaac, "Captain La" Claire was still alive, and said "Sylar can no longer hurt anyone." Eden and ISAAC said goodbye, and stuffed a mobile phone and a PRIMATECH technology company to Isaac. Isaac puts his eyes on the new paintings on the opposite side: the characters in the painting are Hiro and Ando.

Hiro thought he could not "save Captain La La", but it told Ando's priority to find Peter to prevent the destruction of New York. Their conversation was interrupted by Isaac's call, and Isaac asked to meet them -he called Eden's mobile phone.

Accompanied by Mr. Bennett, Claire accepted Audrey's question on the night of returning to school. Audrey asked Claire if he remembered the significant feature of Sylar, but Claire's answer was very cautious. Matt stood in the corner to read her thoughts quietly, but he could not succeed anyway -his superpowers were blocked by some kind of electrostatic interference. What is not known to him is that the seaman is secretly hiding behind the wall and staring at everything.

The furious Jessica (Niki) found a D.L. blood jacket in the jungle. In pain, she fell to the ground. When she got up, she had restored Niki's rationality, and Jessica stood opposite and advised her to continue chasing. Micah calls his mother's voice from the woods. "I'm here!" Jessica took out a pistol while answering.

Mr. Bennett brought Claire to visit Peter and thanked him for saving his daughter's life. Claire asked to talk to Peter separately, and Mr. Bennett waited outside the cell. Claire's eyes were a little moist, and she told Peter that these superpowers made her feel lonely for a long time. "You are my hero (point question?)." Claire said long before leaving. Peter smiled lightly, I don't know if I am happy or worried. When Jessica broke into the wooden house, D.L. He hit her out of the door and rushed up. Jessica got up and kicked him out. Micah ran over and grabbed Jessica's hand. Jessica pushed the trend and hit Micah on the rock. Micah yelled in pain, perhaps the natural motherhood. Niki suddenly got rid of Jessica and restored the rationality, and the family hugged each other complicatedly.

Zach returned the Claire's secret video belt to Claire, and Claire immediately took it out to destroy it. The next day, Claire hurriedly called Zach, and she was surprised to find that her brother Lyle had no impression of what day. "It's as if they deliberately made him forget." Zach felt that Claire was playing with him, and Claire immediately realized that Zach was also erased by them.

ISAAC arrived as scheduled, Hiro and Ando took him to the restaurant. When Hiro took out the "Ninth Strange" comic book, Isaac couldn't believe it because he never put his paintings into publication. Hiro said that he had seen Isaac, and was cut off his head, and died miserable. But Isaac definitely said that Sylar had been caught. Isaac also showed some sketches he drew a few days ago to Hiro. The protagonist in it was Hiro and Charlie. They finally confirmed that their common mission was to prevent a "person who would explode".

Niki is worried that Jessica is stronger than himself and will make things lose control again. In order to avoid tragedy, Niki took the initiative to gather police officers gathered outside the Burnt Toast restaurant and asked them to arrest themselves with murder.

When performing surveillance missions outside PrimateCh, Matt admitted to Audrey that if he returned to his wife, he would feel like an idiot. Audrey asked him to open a little, forgetting her (Matt and Audrey should come together, and the two of them are actually very good). They then discovered that Mr. BenNett went out of the building and had a brief conversation with Haiti people. Matt recognized that the sea landlord was the person who fainted in the bar that night. Matt tried to read his thoughts, but only heard one word: Sylar. Unconsciously, blood flowed down his nose.

Mr. Bennett came to see Sylar again. Sylar said without ridicule: "We have a lot of similarities, and you collect special people, and I am."

Hiro wants Isaac to focus on a pair of empty painting racks, while Isaac believes that without the help of drugs, he cannot depict the future. But instantly, his eyes began to whiten, he waved a lot and smeared on the canvas. Soon after, Hiro and Isaac found that he drew a sword with a sword in the war dinosaur.

Claire told his father about Lyle and Zach's memory. Mr. Bannett asked her to stay at home not to move. He immediately rushed over. Claire hung up the phone and found that the seafood people didn't know when they had entered the house. Haiti grabbed Claire and said that Claire's father sent him to let her "forget something", just as he did what he did to Claire's friends, younger brother, and mother- "It has been many times." Whether it can keep a secret, because this is an important content that Claire must not forget.

Eden said to SURESH on the phone: "I don't think the same as you ... I am a bad person ... I want to explain everything to you and soon." She also said she wanted to do something correct: "Just from Kill your killing father and enemy. "Eden took a gun to see Sylar and ordered him to make a gun for suicide. But Sylar crushed the glass at the moment of lightning, grabbed Eden, and forced Eden to shoot at himself ... The blood splashed the entire glass wall.

Nathan came out of prison, but did not want to listen to Peter's ears and talked about the topics such as "Save La La Captain". Peter suddenly fell and fainted. When he woke up, he found that he was standing on the streets of New York, and there were unmanned cars everywhere. Gradually, the other superpatient appeared one by one, and his expression was around Peter. Peter's confusion did not last long -he raised his hands and suddenly realized that he was the "person who would explode". Peter recovered his mind in the severe cough. He was lying in his brother's arms and murmured to himself, "It's all my fault, the whole explosion is caused by me!" Nathan yelled at Peter's name, he's name, he But I never woke up again ...

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Heroes "Hero" Season 12 Episode 12 -Godsend

The plot of this episode

Two weeks later, Peter was still in a coma. Niki was detained in the prison. Because Jessica kept attacking and warning, Niki was subject to key monitoring. Claire pretended to lose his memory in front of his father, and he secretly tried to retrieve the lost friends and find the truth. Matt asked the FBI to search the entire paper factory according to the only words he heard from Bennet's mind, but endlessly. Because Haiti people were present, Matt couldn't hear Bennet's idea. Hiro and Ando came to the museum in New York to find the sword in the comics.

D.L. returned two million US dollars to Linderman, but learned that I still couldn't get Lindeerman forgiveness. Hiro hoped that the pause time stole the sword, but found that his strength gradually disappeared. After the success, Hiro found that the museum's sword was only a copy, and the real sword was collected. Dr. MOHINDER in New York was questioned by FBI and learned the death of Eden. Claire who returned to the school tried to re -establish the friendship between himself and Zach, and Jessica's performance in front of lawyers enabled Niki to accept spiritual identification.

To help Peter, Nathan and Simone came to Isaac's studio, Simone was surprised to see Isaac that quit drug addiction. Nathan saw the picture of the human explosion drawn by Isaac, and thought that Peter had said that it caused a nuclear explosion and was uneasy. Claire secretly met the sea people, hoping to explore his life and truth. In a small wooden house somewhere in the Nevada Desert, TED SPRAGUE with radiation capabilities is contacting to control their hands to generate radiation energy, and Claire once again brought Zach to the place where the first shooting fall, and Zach re -shoots the video for itself. Bennet suddenly visited Dr. Mohinder, hoping to establish a cooperative relationship between the two, but was rejected by Mohinder.

Peter once again saw the future scene in his dream, because he had the ability to get TED but could not be controlled, and he exploded in front of Nathan. Peter, who woke up in a coma, hurriedly left the hospital and saw the invisible person encountered in the dream on the road.

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Heroes "Hero" Season 13 Episode 13 -The Fix

The plot of this episode

Peter encountered the invisible person Claude Rains that he saw in his dream. Peter hoped that Claude could teach himself how to control his ability to avoid your nuclear explosion. Bennet signaled that his men continued to test Sylar, and Sylar's life was threatened. Hiro and Ando found that they were tracked in the parking lot and had to hide on the bottom of the car. Nathan personally visited Dr. MOHINDER and tried to get the whereabouts of Peter. Dr. Mohinder hopes to find Peter and modify Peter's DNA sequence to prevent Peter's ability to get TED.

Claire and Zach investigated Bennet's computer while Bennet left home, and Bennet, who temporarily returned home, doubted it. Hiro and Ando were arrested in the parking lot, and the two were taken to see a mysterious man. Niki refused to accept the guidance of a psychologist and chose to stay alone in the cell. D.L., who left Niki, felt at a loss in the face of Micah. Claire hung the wind chime outside the window according to the agreement with the sea to the sea, and conducted secret contact with the sea landlords. I learned from Claire from the sea and the mother who killed her mother in an explosion many years ago. Based on this clue, the Claire mother's name was Makedith Gordon, and her 18 -month -old daughter also died in the explosion. Because I searched Bennet's paper factory without reason, MATT had to be investigated by the police station. Matt used his ability to hear the voice of his boss, and had to admit that he had a virtual momentum, in exchange for the penalty of 6 months, and returned home to the depression. Matt learned of the good news of his wife's pregnancy. Nathan and Mohinder found the apartment where Peter lived, and tried to persuade Peter and Dr. Mohinder to go back. Peter insisted on going to the Nevada Desert to find TED, throwing off the block of Nathan, and disappearing with the help of the invisible Claude.

Because it was unable to take care of Micah alone, D.L. Using his own ability to penetrate the wall into the cells that have been detained in Niki, Niki, who is thinking, agreed with the doctor to receive the treatment. Micah, who learned that the financial difficulties in the family, used their ability to control the machine to take out cash from the ATM cash machine and handed it to D.L.. Claire quietly called all people named Gordon in the bedroom and finally contacted his biological mother. Hiro and Ando were taken to the mysterious man's mansion, and Hiro was surprised to find that his father stood in front of him. Bennet received a call from his men and learned that Sylar had died. Bennet went to check and found that the person lying on the lantern bed was his own, and Sylar was standing in front of him.

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Heroes "Hero" Season 14 Episode 14 -Distractions

The plot of this episode

The invisible Claude Rains showed PETER on the street how to control his ability. Niki was guided by a psychologist in prison, and from time to time he worried that Jessica would suddenly appear. Bennet walked into the isolation room to check Sylar's body, but found that the person lying there was his own assistant. Sylar suddenly appeared from behind, and controlled Bennet to find Claire alone. Simone came to Isaac and may have reached the scene after many new New York nuclear explosions drawn by Isaac. Simone learned that Peter was the person who caused nuclear explosion. With the help of Zach, Claire lied to visit the aquarium, but actually embarked on the journey to visit his mother.

Hiro saw his father and sister. The original Hiro's father, as the chairman of the company, was questioned by shareholders because Hiro resigned. Hiro's father refused to obey Hiro's explanation, tore the painting of Isaac, and asked Hiro to return to the vice president of the company immediately. Hiro found that his sister knew the company's operations better than herself, so she recommended her sister's vice president of the company. In the prison, Jessica appeared to kill an innocent psychologist. Niki fainted and was taken away by the prison guard. Claude learned that Peter missed Simone and decided to take Peter to find Simone.

Claire came to the residence where his biological mother lived and showed his mother's ability. At the same time, Sylar's colleagues who pretended to be a Bennet paper factory came to Claire's house. Sylar hoped to see Claire and repeatedly stopped Claire's mother from contacting Bennet, causing Claire's mother's doubt. Sylar revealed the original face, using super powers to knock Claire. On the occasion, Bennet, rescued by the sea, rescued Claire's mother, and once again erased her memory again.

In prison, Niki was informed that someone else admitted to all the charges of murder and was released. Niki realized that Linderman operated behind the scenes. Claire's biological mother gave her necklace to Claire, and Zach hurriedly returned. In Isaac's studio, Simone saw his work with Isaac on the top of the building. Simone rushed to the top of the building re -accepted Isaac, and at this time, Peter and Claude were watching far away.

Seeing Peter's unwillingness to face reality, Claude pushed down Peter from the top of the building. Peter thought of Claire during the fall, and after falling to the ground, he was unscathed. Peter realized that he could retain the superpowers of others, but could not control well. Niki returned home was locked in the mirror after being controlled by Jessica, and Claire found a trace of fighting at home, and his mother obviously was taken away again. At the same time, Claire's biological mother dialed the Claire biological father's phone, and the other end of the phone was Nathan. +++++++++++++++++ also +++++++++++++++++ also ++++++

Heroes "Hero" Episode 15 -RUN!

The plot of this episode

Nathan received a call from Claire's biological mother, recognizing that it was an obstacle before his campaign, and decided to pay $ 100,000 to Claire's biological mother. Claire found that his mother had some problems after brainwashing, and Claire felt a little worried. Jessica blocked Niki in the mirror, and then incorporated the D.L. and Micah family as Niki. After MATT lost his job, he found the occupation that can earn $ 500 a day and go to the airport to protect his first customer. At the same time, Jessica received an email sent by Linderman with the above command Jessica to kill MALSky who was protected by Matt.

In Las Vegas, Hiro and Ando came to Broadway, and Ando had pity on a stage actor named Hope's crying. Hiro and Ando learned that Hope escaped his boyfriend's residence to escape his boyfriend's abuse, but he did not even put a schoolbag with valuables in the hotel. Ando hopes that Hiro and themselves will steal their schoolbags to win the favor of Hope, while Hope said he can help Hiro introduce Linderman. On the way away from the airport, Matt heard the customer Malsky's worry about security and realized that there would be a crisis in this trip. In New York, Dr. Mohinder called the people on his list one by one, but the other party hung up the phone, except for a person named Zane met.

In the hotel, Ando pretended to be a guest room service to send Hiro into the room, and Hiro was unwilling to take risks to be stolen by Ando outside the house. Ando is looking for Hope's schoolbag alone in the room. At Zane's house, Zane was eagerly looking forward to the visit of Dr. Mohinder. Unexpectedly, Sylar came first. Zane regarded Sylar as Dr. Mohinder and showed him his superpowers. Bennet discovered that Claire printed the trick of fake marine hall tickets with a computer, and decided to close the closure of Claire. Claire called the biological mother's call, hoping to see his biological father.

At the jewelry store, Malsky was doing masonry trading with the jewelry shop owner. Matt heard the idea of ​​the jewelry shop owner and learned that the killer sent by Lindeerman was about to come to kill MALSky, so he ran to the nearby high -rise buildings with MALSky. Jessica hunted near Matt, and Matt, who heard Jessica's thoughts, dodge with MALSKY in the building. To show gratitude, MALSKY gave a diamond to Matt. MATT controlled Jessica from behind, tortured him in the corridor and notified his former colleagues to assist. When Matt was looking for MALSKY, Jessica broke free of handcuffs and threw Matt out of the window. Matt was lucky to be caught by the billboard outside the window.

In Las Vegas, Hiro, who returned to Broadway alone, heard Hope's telephone conversation and found that Hope only used himself and Ando to achieve the goal. Hiro, who tried to expose Hope's lies, was locked in a small black room by Hope. Claire came to the home of his biological mother and learned that his biological father was willing to pay $ 50,000 for his life, and his mother was about to return to Mexico to live. It didn't take long for Nathan to come to Claire's biological mother's home with a check. Claire, hiding outside the house, heard Nathan's conversation with the biological mother, and found that Nathan just wanted to get rid of the entanglement of himself and his biological mother.

Mohinder came to Zane's house, and Sylar, who had killed Zane and got his ability, demonstrated his ability to melt the metal to Dr. Mohinder as Zane. Ando got Hope's schoolbag and left with Ando and Hope with the persuasion of Hope. Matt returned to the fighting scene and found that Malsky had been killed by Jessica, and the police did not find a box with masonry. Recalling the thought of Marsky he heard, Matt found the diamond bag hidden by Marsky on the roof of the room. The Matt, who was giving the diamond to the boss, accidentally heard the thinking of his boss's ridicule, and decided to take the diamond as his own. Claire returned home and found that his mother's mental condition became worse. Jessica received the next task sent by Linderman to murder Nathan Petrelli. +++++++++++++++++ also +++++++++++++++++ also +++++++++++

Heroes "Hero" Episode 16 -UNEXPECTED

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The plot of this episode

In the Nevada Desert, TED found that someone was in contact with IM, but TED knew that his computer did not go online. Soon, Hana Gitelman, a person with remote control of computer capabilities, appeared in TED's huts, inviting TED to find Bennet to find the truth. At the same time, Claire discovered that her mother returned to her normal memory and realized that her mother's brain had been damaged because of repeated brainwashing. At Isaac's house, Bennet and Haiti saw the works drawn by Isaac and found that Peter had learned to be invisible. To prevent the occurrence of nuclear explosion, Bennet handed a pistol to Isaac.

At Matt's house, Matt's wife found a diamond ring, and Matt lied that he bought it at the wholesale price. Dr. Sylar and MOHINDER came to the car repair factory according to the list, and met Dale Smith, who listened to the emotional ability of others. Sylar pretended to melt Dale's metal tools, and Dale agreed to communicate with Mohinder. In Las Vegas, Gustavson, who was stolen by Ando, ​​released Hiro, who was closed, and tracked Ando and Hope with Gustavson.

Under the adjustment of the invisible Claude, Peter can fully control and exert its ability, even the remote control capabilities obtained when contacting Sylar. In the parking lot, Gustavson and Hiro caught up with Ando and Hope, and double -hair fierce battles. Hiro, who hid in the cement pipe, faced HOPE's muzzle and worked hard to control the ability to control time, so that the bullets hit by Hope returned. At Claire's house, Claire's mother suddenly fainted and was taken to the hospital. Under the inquiry of the doctor, Claire told the doctor about the memory of the seafood repeatedly wiped the mother's memory that the doctor had to contact BenNet. At the same time, Bennet was trying to grab Peter and Claude, but the powerful Peter controlled the bullet and flew towards the sky from Bennet with Claude. The invisible Claude encountered Bennet's chase and decided to leave Peter.

MATT's wife took the ring to the jewelry shop, and learned that this ring was worth $ 40,000. MATT had to tell his wife and agree to hand over the entire diamond to the police. After escaping from Hope's muzzle, Hiro insisted on asking Ando to return to Japan and complete the task of saving the world alone. After returning to the hotel with MOHINDER, Sylar returned to Dale's repair shop alone, killing Dale and gained her ability. Matt received a TED call and agreed to find the truth with Ted and Hana.

Peter realized that Isaac told Bennet about his whereabouts, so he came to Isaac's studio. ISAAC tried to control Peter with a gun, but the bullet fired by Isaac after Peter hidden was hit Simone. Bennet, who was still in memory of Claire, returned home, MATT and others suddenly showed the muzzle to the front of Bennet.

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Heroes "Heroes" Episode 17 -Company Man

The plot of this episode

Both Matt and TED believe that the organization of Bennet abducted himself and gave himself a special ability, so he went to Bennet's home to try to find inside information. At this time, the Bennet family returned from the hospital, and TED decided to interrogate Bennet in person to say the truth. Fifteen years ago, Bennet was covered up with the identity of the PrimateCh paper industry. He accepted the work of those who investigated the special function, and met the invisible Claude as his partner under the introduction of the boss. Matt used his ability to hear Claire's heart, and learned that the Haitian wiped his memory. TED is threatened by its own nuclear radiation capability, trying to let Bennet return its normal life. In order to find out the truth as soon as possible, Matt and Claire stayed in a separate room. By listening to Claire's thoughts, Matt learned that Claire is the Lala player who Petter has always protected and has the ability to heal himself. 14 years ago, Bennet and Claude took it from Hiro's father at a fire scene and was a baby's Claire. Under the command of Hiro's father, Bennet adopted Claire. In order not to hurt Bennet's family, Matt tried to convince Ted to solve the problem with Bennet alone, but TED was inflated by BenNet's irradiation and pointed the muzzle to Claire's mother. At the moment, Bennet communicated with MATT through thoughts and Matt. Matt shot Claire according to Bennet's instructions. Matt and Bennet, which I trusted TED for the time being, brought Claire to the room upstairs. Soon after, Claire recovered his breath and spit out bullets from his mouth.

In order to prevent TEDs that are gradually getting out of control, the TED explosion, Bennet agreed to go to the paper mill to retrieve the document of the record reality. 14 years ago, Bennet's identity was suspected of his wife for the first time, and his boss introduced Haitian to BenNet. With the help of the sea landmen, Claire's mother's memory was erased. In the paper factory, the seafood admitted that he did not erase her memory for Claire's own life. Bennet took a tone agent and was going to return home with files and Matt. 7 years ago, because the invisible Claude concealed the identity of a superpowers, Bennet must kill Claude in accordance with the headquarters instruction. On the bridge, Claude told Bennet the super power status of Claire, and Claude disappeared by the bridge after shooting at Claude.

In Bennet's house, TED has begun to doubt the fire in Claire, and go to the upstairs room to check the body in person. After TED left, Claire secretly unlocked the rope that tied his mother and brother. TED found that Claire's body was not upstairs, and realized that Matt and Bennet partnered to deceive themselves. To help his brother and mother escape, Claire was captured by TED. Claire's mother saw that Claire was self -healed by nuclear radiation and healing, and realized that he had always ignored the hints of Claire's multiple help. Bennet and Matt returned home with the files, and the seafood took away the mother and daughter from the back door. From the file, TED learned that his nuclear radiation ability is not provided by Bennet. TED blamed Bennet why he did not kill himself as planned, causing his wife to be died of radiation.

Bennet's boss suddenly broke in from the back door, trying to shoot and kill TED. Under the block of Bennet, the bullet hit TED's arm, and the out of control TED began to continue to emit nuclear radiation. In order to prevent the occurrence of nuclear explosions, Bennet was prepared to inject sedatives for TED regardless of danger, but he could not approach TED. Claire returned home bravely, let Matt leave with the injured Bennet, and struggled to inject the sedative into TED. Bennet's boss brought MATT and TED back to the research base for inspection, and Claire also faced the fate of leaving the family because of his exposed superpowers.

Three years ago, Bennet chose a pair of eyes that suits you with the help of Claire and told Claire's adoption. Claire readily accepted BenNet's fact that he was not his own father. Bennet driving and Claire came to the bridge by Claude's disappearance 7 years ago, and the sea people have been waiting for a long time. In order to prevent the boss from taking away Claire, Bennet uses the illusion that the crane is robbed by the sea landmen. Claire watched the bullets of the sea people shooting into his father's belly. Then the sealars wiped out the memory of Bennet.

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The plot of this episode

Isaac found himself killing Simone by mistake, and Peter took the opportunity to escape. In Las Vegas, Hiro tried to break into Linderman's casino hotel, but was driven out by security guards. Bennet returned to the headquarters, hoping to find the whereabouts of Claire in person, but the boss Thompson doubted the reason for Bennet Amnesia and decided to let Bennet complete other tasks. At the other end of the wall, Matt was reading Bennet thought according to Thompson's will, and personally confirmed that BenNet did not lie. At the same time, Haiti people drove along the highway with Claire. Claire was thinking about reuniting with his family as soon as possible, and Haitian tried to arrange Claire to leave the United States.

In Manhattan, FBI came to Nathan's office and asked Nathan to wear monitoring equipment to obtain Linderman crimes while meeting with Linderman in the afternoon. After the FBI left, Peter, who had been invisible in the office in front of Nathan. Peter learned that Nathan has cooperated with the FBI since the accident and told Nathan that ISAAC's killing Simone mistakenly. Nathan suggested that Peter went to Professor Mohinder for help, and Peter said goodbye. Bennet returned home and found that his wife was not wiped out by the seafood, but instead wrote down the plan to formulate after the incident.

Candice Wilmer told BenNet the news about ISAAC killing Simone by mistake, and Bennet had to go to the studio's studio with Candice. In the office of Professor Mohinder, Mohinder learned from the Internet that Zane had been killed three days ago, and realized that the person who was with him was Sylar, so he used the tea containing anesthesia to make Syalr fainted. In Las Vegas, Hiro, who was worried outside the hotel, met Nathan. With the help of Nathan, Hiro entered the hotel with Isaac's painting. At the airport, Haitu took Claire to prepare to leave by plane with a prepared false identity. In the security passage, Claire stole the boarding pass of the Haitian and trapped the seafield people outside the penalty area and went to find Peter alone.

At the Isaac studio, the New York police who received the Nathan alarm call came to investigate the situation of Simone. When the police entered the studio, Simone came from the outside unscathed, and the police stopped the investigation when they saw this. Isaac discovers the simone in front of you

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