There are two in total, which are Ying Huanhuan and Qi Qingzhu.

Ying Huanhuan

One of the wives of Lin Dong, the young daughter of the super sectarian Dao Zong, is actually the head of the ancient eight masters -the reincarnation of the Bingzhu.

In order to protect Daozong and help Wu Zu to get revenge and awaken Bingzhu, her appearance became cold and frost, and gradually showed the positive posture of the ancient goddess.

In the road of ancestors, Lin was trapped in an endless reincarnation until a certain life met Ying Huan and loved her. In the reincarnation, Ying Huanhuan did not want to sink after learning the truth, played the last piano for him, and wake up Lin Dong with a kiss, helping him into the ancestor.

绫 清 清

Dong Xuanyu Jiutian Taiqing Palace's proud girl and Tai Shang Palace master.

When the Yuanmen was destroyed nine days of the Taiqing Palace, he fought strongly. Finally, he felt too much and blends with Lin Dong's spirit. You have me among the two, and you have you. Help Lin Dong to master the plane tire, and became Lin Dong's first wife when the ending.

At the end of "Martial Arts", Lin Dong moved to Lin Qingtan to find Ying Huanhuan.

Extended information

One of the heroines of the fantasy novel "Martial Arts" written by the silkworm potatoes, "The Great Master" appeared in "The Great Master".

In "The Great Master", she and Lin Dongsheng had a daughter named Lin Jing, one of the main and mother of the martial arts. Because his daughter was naughty and left home, he came back to bring him back. He loved his daughter very much and observed Mu Chen. He was very optimistic about him and thought that his achievements could reach the level of Wu Zu.

Ying Huanhuan is one of the heroines in the oriental fantasy fantasy novel "Martial Arts" by the silkworm potatoes.

At the end of "Martial Arts", Wu Zu, Lin Qingtan, Qi Qingzhu and others went to the world to find the round fragments of Ying Huanhuan. Later, he was rescued by Wu Zu in Fanwai. He was one of the main and mother of Wujing. The strength was unknown. After Wu Zu's single -headed Bingling tribe, the Bingling tribe, who had gradually declined, took the initiative to help Wu Zu resurrection Ying Huanhuan. , And recognize Huanhuan as the Bingling tribe. The "Great Master" officially appeared.

There is a relationship with Ling Qingzhu, but the relationship between the two has not been determined, but she can't escape. The second one should be Ying Huanhuan, and Su Rou, Lin Dong's affection and Ziyue, Lin Ke'er, Jiang Xue, Mu Yan, Mu Hongyi, Blue Sakura. And Lin Dong’s sister Qing Tan and Lin Dong have no blood relationship

There should be two. Seeing that the master of the big master Zhonglin created the martial arts mirror, two main mother was Ling Qingzhu, and the other was Ying Huanhuan.