Introduction to the 1st Episode 1 of the Republic of China

In the Mid -Autumn Festival, the giant Nie Chengjiang did not want a new house for a new house for a new house. The deceased Chen Qiusheng is a well -known figure in Shanghai, the business community, and futures transactions. When the banquet is slightly smoked to the toilet, his secrets He Yan and the two hands saw a hand holding a hand in the mirror. die.

The scene of the crime was banned by the scene, and the patrolling sheriff Qiao Chusheng led the army to the spot for the first time. After inspection, I found that there was no organ and units that can be used by Tibetans at the crime scene. The walls were hollow, ceiling ceiling had no windows, and there was no safe passage of escape before the incident. It was a very typical secret room murder case.

After investigation, on the day of the party, Lu Xun, the supervisor of the Shason financial institution who had argued with the deceased, was included in a key criminal suspect and sent it to the patrol room.

During the interrogation session, Gao Caisheng returned from Cambridge University with his superb intelligent and fast logic reasoning as a true identity of the journalist Bai Youning next to the journalist Bai Youning. Qiao Chusheng invited Lu to help him break the case. During the field survey, Lu Yan not only washed his behavior, but also gradually exposed the things behind the murder ...