Do you want to download a TV series or cache the TV series. If you want to download it, I suggest you download a thunder on your computer and mobile phone, and then go to some websites that can currently movie and TV series, such as BT Paradise, Piaohua Movie Network.

If you want to cache the TV series, then you need to download it on your computer or mobile phone, Tencent, iQiyi, etc., you can directly click the cache when watching the TV series, and then you can watch it without the network.

Simple method:

You next Thunder, put it on, then open it, see a search on the right right, the name of the download to download it, and the classification of the class. After the search, the download list appears, optimistic about the size of the size and the speed format, and then download the download. Page, select ordinary download to download.

For example, if you want to take the song next song, you can play the song name in the search bar, choose a song, and then search for a list. After that, select the size format and it will be automatically sorted. After that, select the download address that can be downloaded. The other things are the same, the category is changed to other things.

Thunder set a thread default 5 to 10, set the saving address to check.

Thunder and express trains can be used, and Thunder is recommended.

In addition to the search bar with the downloader, you can also search and download directly on the Internet.

If you find that the download progress has not moved for a long time, it may be no seed, just change the download address.

Hope to help you.

If you install Thunder or Express, you can get out of the movie. It is recommended to go to Baidu to find the Pacific Download Center or Movie Paradise, and watch what type of movie you have. In addition, you recommend that you use Thunder. Although the pit, there are few movies that cannot be downloaded.

Iqiyi, Mango TV, Tencent Video and other applications are available.

Commonly used video software, you can charge a member