On the banyan tree by the pond, I know ... "

I listened to the song "Childhood" and remembered a fun thing when I was a kid.

One afternoon in the summer of my four years old was extremely hot. My mother took me to the street to buy a round big watermelon. When I got home, my mother just put watermelon on the Baxian table, and I couldn't wait to ask my mother, "When should I eat watermelon?"

"You little cat, my father works in the field, it must be very hot. When he comes back, we eat together." Mom answered with a smile and walked into the stove's head.

I stared at the watermelon, licked my lips, and quarreled with my mother again. But my mother just disagreed, so I pouted and opened my mind. After a while, I came up with a good idea. At that time, I was short and there was no eight immortal table high. So, I quietly moved the chair near the Baxian table, climbed up the chair carefully, and gently pushed the watermelon with my little hand, and the watermelon slowly rolled to the table. At this time, I hurriedly jumped off the chair and called: "Mom, the watermelon is going to roll down!" The words just fell, and didn't wait for the mother to go out of the stove, and the watermelon fell to the ground and fell into several petals. Mom picked up watermelon and complained, he asked me to eat a few pieces as soon as possible. I was very happy, and she was proud as I ate: Mom can be fooled now. I looked at my mother secretly and saw that she didn't find any flaws. So I grinned.

"What is laughing?" Mom asked strangely.

"Watermelon is cool and sweet, so delicious!" I replied naughtyly. Actually, my heart understands the best.

Looking back now, I feel a little funny.

Childhood is beautiful. Although the past is more childlike, it is naive and unforgettable when I think of it.

I was eight years old. At that time, I lived in the countryside of my hometown. One day my uncle asked me to go up the mountain with him to cut firewood. I was very happy and followed. When I reached the mountainside, my uncle suddenly stopped. I saw my uncle looking up at the branches, and I looked in that direction. It turned out to be a dark thing! I thought it was an ant nest! Then I got together and wanted to ask. Uncle told me that it was not an ant's nest, but a honeycomb, and the bee sting in the nest was still eaten! After speaking, he asked me to help find some dead branches. I picked it up for him. I saw that he tied the dead branches I picked to a stick with a rope, and then took out the match to lit. Intersection He asked me to find a place to hide, and then slowly moved the stick to the branches to the black bee ball. The bee "buzzing" fly around the circle. Picking out things to eat, that is probably his so -called "bee sting"! Seeing that he eats and tasteful, I think it must be very good! I also ran over and wanted to share it with him. After all, I helped picking branches! Who knows that the uncle actually said, "Children can't eat it. After eating, you can come out of the bees! Big talents can eat it!" I thought, it must be too delicious. Uncle is just stingy and coaxing children! In this case, I will find a way to find it by myself, and I won't fight with him! Uncle seemed to see my mind and told me not to touch the honeycomb myself, it would be dangerous! I thought so much at the time, I was thinking that I had to taste the taste of the bee.

When I said, after I went back, I immediately "called" my friends, and told them how the uncle had eaten bee pupa 151, saying that all of them went straight to the throat swallowed! So we decided to act secretly. Everyone went to find honeycomb and eat bees! We found some sticks and dead branches and took the match to move. We looked up along the mountain, but after looking for a long time, we couldn't find a honeycomb. Everyone was disappointed, and all of them were dead. At this time, I found a little bee. I think that since there is a bee, there must be a honeycomb, and you will know after you go back! So we followed the little bee carefully and found it for a long time, and it was really guessed by me. We found their nests! The little friends were unhappy, dancing all by hand. At the beginning, I was still a little worried, because I thought of my uncle's warning, but when I thought of my uncle's appearance of bees, I drooled, and everything was ignored. Too excited, I actually used a stick to stab with a stick to the honeycomb. With such a sting, I immediately regretted it. The bee inside "buzzed" out. A bee directly aimed at my nose. A dramatic pain: "Everyone runs!" I yelled, my partners cried loudly, hugging their heads. But it was too late, the bee seemed to be angry, the group turned around us, everyone's hands, feet, and faces were stunned, crying, crying, shouting. Until the end, our parents arrived, and several of us were sent to the hospital ...

Since then, I have no longer dared to advocate my partners to take risks, and I also understand a truth. When I still do n’t know much, it ’s the most wise to hear the adult's suggestions, otherwise I will always lose myself.

Childhood is colorful, with silver bell -like laughter, and bitter tears. However, what I remember most about me was the interesting thing that happened when I was one and a half years old. It is like a boat in my mind that can't take off the rope, and has been mooring on the shore.

I remember that I had just walked shortly at that time, and I was naughty all over the courtyard.

Once, I opened the door quietly while the adults didn't pay attention, and slipped out. For the first time, I saw the Daqian world walking around and strolling westward. After a while, I went to the door of my neighbor's second uncle. I slowly pushed away the big iron door and walked in carefully. There is a small guard in the second house, and only the disabled old hen squatted in the fence. It may be the first time I saw something smaller than me. I don't know why, I kept watching the old hen dazed. At this time, a "哐" sounded, the door opened, grandma came in, and when I saw me here, I was so happy that I touched my little face; ... "At this time, Eryi heard. During the conversation between Er and grandma, my eyes shifted to the old hen again. I pointed at the old hen and said, "I want ... to ..." Eryu took the hen out of the bar. "Give!" Then, he put the hen in my arms. I'm holding the old hen, it's really warm. The old hens may be too scared, and the piece of meat on his neck shakes. I looked at it, and the hen's neck was sip. The old hen was bitten off several hair by me, and the pain was "giggling" and broke away from my arms. At this moment, it is not disabled, and it hurts to run around. I was young and ignorant. Now think about it, the old hen was so pitiful.

Ah, childhood fun is really unforgettable.

I remember when I was a kid, because I didn't dare to sleep alone, I went to sleep with my parents. But at night, I didn't dare to go to the bathroom alone, so I agreed to my dad: Every time I go to the bathroom, I wake him up and let him accompany me. In this way, I have a sense of security.

It was another sweltering night, and I woke up again and wanted to go to the bathroom. Looking around, only the father and mother were asleep. I stretched my waist and was ready to wake up my dad.

I pushed my father with my hand, he didn't wake up. I pushed him again, but I still didn't wake up. I shouted in his ear again, "Dad, dad." It was still effective. I was in a hurry, patted him gently, but he moved a few times, turned around and continued to sleep. I called my mother again, and so did she do. I can only endure to sleep.

I don't know how long, I woke up again. I couldn't help this time. I called them like last time, and they still don't move. Alas, sleeping so fragrant. I looked at the table, 3 o'clock, no wonder. I think I only have to go by myself, but I dare not go, what can I do? I sat on the bed and embarrassed. "By the way," I suddenly thought that my father drank a few large cups of tea tonight (to be precise) tonight (yesterday night). He didn't see him go to the bathroom. After a while he would go, and then he would go with him. But when did he wake up? I can only make up my mind: Go!

I got out of bed, but stopped by the door. Opposite the door is a corridor, you need to go to the bathroom for a while. I was worried that a female ghost would suddenly come up with a female ghost on the left or right. On TV, the female ghost was really scary. Oops, what do I do? I thought: I could only rush my eyes. I closed my eyes and rushed outside the door.

"Oh!" I opened my eyes and hit the wall. I endured the pain, closed my eyes and walked to the right, and suddenly hit something, thinking that it was a female ghost, and said, "Female ghost, forgiveness! Life!" It turned out to be just a chair. Really scared me.

I finally touched the bathroom and "liberated". When I was about to leave, I suddenly "slammed", and I was startled again. It turned out that something was touched. I think: I must go back to the bedroom immediately, otherwise it is really dead. I ran into the bedroom again in my scalp and stomped into bed. "This is safe." I thought.

When I woke up, the sun was old. "Is it okay yesterday?" Dad asked me.

I thought to myself: You sleep so much, why can't I wake you up? You are here to ask me how to sleep well, you toss me to death! But I can't say it. "Very good." I replied.

I suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom again, no female ghosts now?

Childhood fun

"Come on, come, come! The ants fought!" One morning in the summer of seven years ago, in my yard, I called excitedly. Sun Lei and Wen Shuai rushed to the sound, and saw two big ants hearly bite, and they couldn't do anything. Suddenly, a large caterpillar fell from the sky and hit two ants, and the two ants suddenly rushed to the west. It turned out that his younger brother was playing, he was still laughing there! Watching the friends like insects so much, I think, why not catch some more to play! I told this idea to everyone, let's do it, we worshiped the brilliant sunshine, catching insects in the blooming yard in flowers. After a while, the younger brother caught two flower caterpillars on the flower and leaves of the night. Sun Lei caught a big yellow dragonfly flying to the broom plum. As for me, when it was pulling the sunflower's large leaves, it was sandwiched with a small stick -a black belly spider with eight feet.

We dug two pits under the shade of the cherry tree and covered two glass plates on it. We first put the caterpillar and spiders together, and put the grasshopper and dragonfly together. The wonderful scene immediately broke into our sight: the two caterpillars and spiders hovered left and right.

At noon, we brought the leaves, bite worms, hairy dog ​​leaves, and the flies killed by my younger brother to feed them. Metrona eats leaves, spiders eat small bite worms, dragonflies are flies, and grasshoppers eat hair dog leaves. Everyone eats themselves, and the fragrance is very fragrant. I forgot to fight and forget that it is not the same. Looking at it, I don't know how to think of Da Vinci's oil painting "Last Dinner". So I proposed to put them all, anyway, they did not play with us all morning, why let them be located here! Although my brother and Wen Shuai were a little reluctant, Sun Lei and I moved away the glass board. The dragonfly flew towards the blue sky at once, and the grasshopper jumped into the flowers. The spider crawled to the cherry tree. The caterpillar was slowly creeping. The younger brother grabbed a large soil and buried them alive.

Childhood fun

I remember when I was in my hometown, Grandpa pulled a car with a horse, sitting in me in the car, and playing in the ground. I was always happy. I think that since Mane can pull a car, that chicken, pig, and cow can pull the car? So I thought of the pig -pull car.

One day, Grandpa and grandma were not at home, and I took a small pig from the pigpen and wanted to let it pull me. The piglet was very reluctant, the buttocks were pursed, and my mouth hummed. I took a lot of effort to force it out, and tied it with a rope. The other end was on my small tricycle. , I found another puppet as a whip, and everything was ready. I sat up happily and patted the piglets hard, and wanted to let it go quickly, but this cricket was beaten, it was incredible! The piglets were screamed straight. When I was crazy, I ran away, and the car flew like the yard. I was thrown out all at once. The buttocks fell well. I'm over. If the piglets keep stopping, then my little life is dangerous today. At this critical juncture, Grandpa is back. Grandpa saw me sitting on the ground and crying. After he heard that I cried and cried intermittently, he couldn't help but laugh, and the tears of laughter flowed out. "You are really a silly boy, how can the pig pull the car?!"

Until now, when I think of that interesting thing, I can't help laughing.

My childhood was very happy, and the story that happened at that time still remembers. One of them is always happy when I think of it. Because it brings me infinite fun.

One day, when I was out of school, I saw that there were many students around there, and I walked curiously. At first glance, I was a box of cute duckling. I asked. I bought it a piece. I took it up and held it with both hands. Its little eyes looked at me like two black beans, and shouted from time to time. And it looks very cute. When I squatted down to get a plastic bag, it ran out of my hand. I caught it back and said in my mouth, "This little thing is naughty." Then, I put it in a plastic bag and gave it a name- "Little Naughty."

When I got home, I put it in the shoe box and put the box on the table, for fear of running out, but it was disobedient. It first took the box with the wings, and then jumped out of the box. Then , It ran forward desperately, but fell on the chair. It jumped off the chair again. Running around, he screamed at me. I think it is hungry. I took out a few greens from the refrigerator and cut the vegetables carefully, and then put it in a small plate. As soon as I raised the plate, the duckling walked away. Before me, I saw it couldn't wait to slap his wings and stretched his neck. At this time, I hadn't stabilized the plate, and it used its yellow and flat mouth to eat greedily. Its yellow mouth was like a small small mouth. The clip is the same. After a while, it ate the dishes in the plate like a small clip. It looks so cute when it eats vegetables. Seeing it so fragrant, I like it more.

In the evening, Dad came back and made a window for "Little Naughty" with a carton. Mom gives it food, I pour water for it. It is like my little guest. Once, I clamped its flat mouth with my fingers and mentioned it. Its little paw immediately kicked and kicked like a bicycle. At this time, when Dad saw it, he hurriedly said, "Put it down." I asked strangely: "Why?" "You dragged its mouth, it would hurt." I immediately put it down Essence I asked again, "Why does it hurt?" Dad said, "Although the duckling's mouth is hard, its mouth is also connected to the meat, so it will be painful if you drag its mouth." I said ashamed to the duckling, "I'm really sorry." At this time, "Little Naughty" called me twice. It seems to be forgive me.

Since this duckling came to my house, I added a lot of fun to my life. So far, I think of it, and I am still nostalgic for the duckling.

Looking back at that year, I was shocked like an arrow, and I met the child who loved the child the most. I am surprised by the cold frost, how can I find a fearless boy? Niu Ma shakes the years on his back, and his childhood fun is unlimited.

Children's child, do not like the swords and halberds, there are not much to fight hard, especially after watching those small paintings and wonderful fighting stories movies, the soldiers wielded their knives and captured the bandits. The heroic image is really fascinating. In particular, the bright red collar chapter and hat emblem, especially the young heart, desperate, I do n’t know how much I put on the green military uniform in the dream.

Many of my childhood spent in the battle of the soldiers in the battle of the soldiers. After the extra -curricular dinner, I often devoted it with my friends in the "fierce" battle. Essence Look! On the mixed -like hat, the collar, the red paper cut hat emblem and collar chapter; the telescope made of paper shells hanging on the neck, a small pistol with a paper folding in the hand, and a cloth on the waist tied with a cloth with a cloth on the waist. Belt, the neat military uniforms of modern children, although the advanced toy weapons are far from the difference, but they are also a bit of a military school. The movement of the cat's waist is so realistic.

listen! The gunfire, explosion, and shouting from the mouth were so fierce, making people seem to enter the battlefield of artillery smoke.

The most memorable is a battle from "infantry" to "cavalry". , Get agree, we go out of the horse out) It is a week. After breakfast, the partners armed for armed forces, and went to bring their beloved "war horses" and ran to the "battlefield". Gao is handsome, but we ride on it, but we feel that we are suddenly a lot tall, and the mood is beautiful.

After the dialing on the battlefield, as usual, the "enemy" ran first. After two or three minutes, we dressed as a good person. Under the sign of the command knife, they shouted and picked up the horse to chase.

The hoof sound of "gain" broke the silence of the valley, and there was a burst of sand on the road. "Enemies" are also very cunning. After they ran a small pass, they stopped suddenly, turning to the horse, forcing us, the head of the horse, the head of his head, and a big push of the murder. Make people heartbeat, the commander Wang Hongyu ordered us to rush to the small soil in the right side. Rush over to us.

The battle began, the wooden knife bumped, the ping -pong rang, the two sides shouted loudly, and the frame was separated. I and some other partners who were not ride were often fell down when the horse turned and ran. However, no one is willing to rely on it, and if you don't want to rub the painful parts, you will go up and fight again. The scene is afraid of it now.

The little strength and riding in the battle with me are better than me, and they are quite clever. Under his fierce attack, I only have the power of fighting without returning to the power. The comrades of his comrades shouted: "Xiao Ming! Come and save me!" Before the shouting, Xiaoqiang split the waist (in advance that he could not use the knife to split) and fell off Malaysia. When he laughed, Xiao Ming, who rushed from behind, "split" him.

The battle was still in progress. Our eyes were still staring at the battlefield, arguing about who was chopped first, and it was inevitable that the party that protected ourselves often flushed.

The battle was touched for about three or forty minutes. Except for the two heads, the rest fell off. In fact, the two heads were also hit, but no one was willing to admit defeat. It was not until the fatigue was exhausted. In the sound, the soldiers were released, and Ma Nanshan was released.

As a child, how lively, how naughty you are; when you were childhood, when you were childhood, you left to me how many thoughts and memories. Wish the innocence of time, the fearlessness of the time!

All of the above

If life is a cup of cocktails, then childhood is the sweetest part. If life is a small river, then childhood is the golden sand of the bottom of the river. If life is a string of sugar gourds, then childhood is the sugar coating outside. My childhood was in sweet wine, bright gold, and the sugar was usually spent sweet. Among them, the most memorable thing was that the two ridiculous stupid things.

That was my 8 -year -old thing. That summer, I saw that the cactus had strong vitality in my book. As long as it was inserted in the land, there was no root to live. So I folded a piece from the door of someone else's house. At this time, my good friends came to play with me, so I put the cactus in the back pocket and play with my friends. When I played, my friend was tired, so I sat on the steps, and I was tired. I sat on the ground with my buttocks, and suddenly I felt the buttocks hot and spicy. Later, my hand hurt, and my buttocks flowed out a few drops of green water. I thought it was a cactus, so I was busy taking the cactus out of the cactus. At a glance, I had broken me! At this time, I felt that there were a lot of small thorns on my buttocks. I yelled into the door and gave my mother a clip to clamp it. After holding it all afternoon, my painful eyes were swollen.

In the evening, I was lying on the bed and motionless, because my mother said that the more painful, the slower. A mosquito flew to my face, and ate "supper". I wanted to hit it, but I thought of my mother's words, so I didn't move. After a while, my face had a big bag on my face. When I died, I laughed. My mother heard it and was very surprised. I asked me why, and I said, "Mosquito ... mosquito bite ... itchy to death." My mother couldn't help crying and said, "I just let your buttocks move ...".

What a sweet memory when I was a kid, it was like a glitter candy, and the sweet taste will always linger in my heart.

Childhood fun

Childhood is like a series of colorful bubbles, full of innocence and childlikeness; childhood is like a colorful rainbow, weaving countless innocence and happiness; childhood is a pleasant song, beating the vivid and interesting notes. Looking back now, I feel nostalgic and ridiculous. In the first grade, I had a lot of understanding of animals. Whether it is flying in the sky or climbing on the ground, I know a little bit, but only the exclusive chicken is the most puzzled. It has a pair of wings like other birds, but I see it the highest wall in the yard. So I have always dreamed that one day it can show her wings high. On Sunday, my parents went overtime, but for me, "the sparrow fell into the rice tank -luck". From the chicken house in the courtyard, I took the majestic and ingenious rooster and let it accept the A plan. The plan started. I took the most plump feather's big rooster into a dead alley that was not living, and then took out its enemy -dog. Sure enough, the dog's temperament tied to the yard all day was greatly changed, and I broke free from the chain in my hand, leaped forward, staring at the big rooster, seeing how to enjoy the "meal in front of me." The chicken seemed to meet a ghost, chaotic in the dead hutong. Where can the dog be good at it? In a hurry, the long -awaited miracle finally appeared -the chicken fluttered and flew up. When I thought that chickens would fly in the sky like a swallow, who knew it, it fired on the wall like the past.

It seems that my plan A is "the cactus blooms -yellow." I am so angry that I can't wait to inven the potion that can fly the chicken immediately, so that it can drink it so that my wishes can be realized earlier. Just when I racked my brains and prepared to develop the second set of solutions, the chickens raised their heads high, like a victorious general, and started on the wall. This really made me "cheer on the fire". I thought to myself, "Hmm, you who don't know the stinky rooster, dare to do it with me, and the mind is" to lift the lantern to lift the dung -find shit (dead) '. "I thought about it, thinking, Finally thought of a perfect B program. I immediately grabbed a Xiaomi from the kitchen, put it on the ground not far from the chicken, and hid behind a big banyan tree to see what the chicken would do. Haha, I did n’t expect my expected. Chicken fell to the temptation of food, jumped off the low wall, ran over, and tasted the food that came to the door. Your little thing is always so greedy, how about it, this time it ’s fooled! I have a sneak attack from the back of the chicken, caught it, threw it hard, and let it have a" volley and wing wings. "". "Long live plan B!" "Long live plan B!" Just when I was intoxicating in joy, the guy suddenly came up with a "overhead 180 degrees", like a skydiving athlete, winged together, only hearing "嗖", only "嗖" With a sound, the chicken fell steadily. Seeing it was so unknown, I rushed up again ...

Unconsciously, Mom and Dad came back. Seeing that I was so tired and breathless, I didn't get angry, so I asked me what was going on. I told them the cause and effect of the matter. laughing out loud. Dad stroked my head and said, "Silly child, the wings of the chicken are degraded, how can I fly?"

Suddenly, there was a loud laugh from my house, and this laugh spread throughout every corner of my childhood. This laughter made me unforgettable.

Go to happy childhood, haha ​​is funny.