There are two endings.

1. Hong Kong version

In the finale, Chen Yongren asked Liu Jian to meet tomorrow, and finally subdued him to ask him to go to the police station to disclose the true identity of the two, but when the elevator opened, Chen Yongren was "undercover" Lin Pingguo headshot.

Then Liu Jianming killed Lin Pingguo. After Liu Jianming came out of the elevator, he showed his police identity and continued his "undercover". After June, Chen Yongren was confirmed that at the funeral, Li Xin'er and May took their daughters to participate, and Liu Jianming was saluting to Chen Yongren's tombstone.

2. Mainland version

In the finale, Liu Jianming was arrested immediately after he came out of the elevator and became prisoners. Police undercover Chen Yongren was killed by Liu Jianming, and his identity was confirmed after his death.

Video creation background:

The creation of "Infernal Affairs" is inspired by Wu Yusen's film "Change". Mai Zhaohui believes that the bridge section of "exchange faces" in "Change the Face" is impossible in reality, so Mai Zhaohui proposed whether to tell a story and exchange the two characters. Inner exchange.

Mai Zhaohui and Zhuang Wenqiang have been writing in writing when creating the "Infernal Affairs" script. Mai Zhaohui wrote a complete script and sent it to Zhuang Wenqiang. Zhuang Wenqiang changed the script and wrote to Mai Zhaohui to modify it. Essence

In the end, the film name is "Infernal Affairs", which means that the two identities should not belong to themselves. They almost live in an environment similar to Inferntectomy. Dreaming is afraid of others to dismantle their identity. There is no reincarnation into the informed hell, only to suffer forever, but the two protagonists in the film are seeking reincarnation.

It's a pity that Chen Yongren is dead! Typical tragedy hero ~

1 If Liu Jianming wants to destroy, he won't help him recover his identity

2 is not all because he wants to be a good person

3 Because he is Han Chen's

4 Run Liu Jianming, who was tied to the line, couldn't run if he was found (everyone is the same brothers)

5 want

6 He just wants to kill all Han Chen's undercover because he wants to be a good person, otherwise he will not work hard to investigate Yang Jinrong (Liming) details.

7 I think a part of them wants to help him when he decides to be a good person!

("I reported the police, your boss is Han Chen's undercover")) Hey battle declaration of tragedy hero ~


2 Change you are Liu Jianming, what will you think.

3 One is a thief and the other is the police. It is the instinct to lift the enemy's armed forces

4 If Andy Lau was caught, he was probably over, and he did not say that you covered me in the future

5 thought, he thought Liang Chaowei didn't know he was undercover

6 I think the most important thing is that the fewer people he wants to know, the better, and on the other hand, you can graft the crime to the unknown undercover

7 Of course I want to get rid of him

8 When Liang Chaowei called Andy Lau to go out to bask in the sun, Liang called the police.

Liang Chaowei said in the movie.

Personal understanding: Liu wants to kill Liang. He wants to be a good person, but Liang knows his identity, and "I'm sorry, I'm a police officer", Liu can only kill him. As for the undercover, of course, the fewer people who know the secret, the better Oh. It is recommended to watch the order 2132.

It's all poor people! Intersection Intersection