I think it's good, why do you give bad reviews one by one?IntersectionIntersectionWhat I want to say is not to care too much about the details, just look at it, isn't it just to watch the TV series?

The actor's acting skills are really good!The appearance is also very comfortable!Why should we pick up like this?

In short, I think there is no perfect person, there is always room for progress, give them more encouragement, and the actors will always grow!Moreover, these actors originally swimming are beginners.So I think this is already very good. You can't compare with them with professional athletes?

My personal point of view is: as long as this drama looks like it can make me happy, just smirk!

I really like the actor of the male lead. It is very sunny and looks particularly beautiful, although the acting skills are a little embarrassed.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceMaybe it's not particularly handsome, but I like the type, and watching other videos is also super funny, and there are people who have changed the original work. In fact, I watched the original work and then paid attention to the TV series.