In 1916, the Ministry of Education of the Beiyang Government at that time held a performance exhibition and evaluation of the student performance exhibitions of schools with or above in Beijing. A total of 71 colleges and universities participating in the exhibition. Mao Yisheng's test papers and papers were scored 94 points, which was the highest score and ranked first. Based on the rewarding measures drafted by the Ministry of Education at that time, more than 90 or more people were listed as the first class to give excellent awards, and the first place was sent to the plaque by the Ministry of Education. Reward Tangshan Industrial Specialized School. Shortly after the 1911 Revolution, Tangshan Road Mining Academy was renamed Tangshan Industrial Specialty School (historical noun explanation -special school: according to the provisions of the Ministry of Education at that time, special schools are today's "colleges", "universities" are three or more specialized specialties. The general name of the school. The difference between the two lies in its scale, not as far as its level).

The "Shi Shi Yanghua" plaque is the first gold medal of China's higher education. This glory is permanently belonging to the Southwest (Tangshan) Jiaotong University. The plaque is still preserved in the Southwest Jiaotong University Archives. The "Shi Shiyang" in the spirit of the Southwest (Tangshan) Jiaotong University comes from this.