South Korean actors Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen's public love have caused warm discussions among China and South Korea.

With the wonderful performance in the TV series "The Dev on of Love", Xuan Bin won the award of the day, and also proved the progress of the actor's 17 -year acting skills.

On the same day, after winning the award, Xuan Bin also came to the stage to express the award speech. He said: "Because of the" forced landing of love ", I have received many people's love. Here I also want to thank fans from South Korea and around the world. Thank you for your love for" The Forced Development of Love ". After reading it. For this work, many people have worked very hard. Thank you for writing the role of Li Zhenghe (Xuan Bin played in the play). You also want to thank the director and staff. pleasure."

Although he expressed his gratitude to the front scenes and behind the scenes of all the "Forced Downsa", Xuan Bin thanked the heroine Sun Yizhen, who played the show with him. In his award -winning speech, Sun Yizhen, who is his girlfriend and his old partner, frankly said: "For Li Zhenghe, the best partner Yin Shili (the name of Sun Yizhen in the play) also expressed his gratitude. Thank you very much because of the art. The exquisite interpretation of Shi Li's role was so beautiful that Li Zhenghe could be so handsome. I want to take this opportunity to talk to her very much. I will continue to study hard in the future and show everyone a better look. "

This is also the first activity of Xuan Bin's first participation in Xuan Bin's public relationship with Sun Yizhen. Everyone expressed her expectations for whether the couple would sprinkle dog food on the spot. However, Xuan Bin did not disappoint everyone. After winning the award, I also thanked my girlfriend for their efforts. Seeing the appearance of the two so sweet, netizens were very excited and bluntly said: "Two people are about to get married"; "too good" and so on.

really. After the relationship between Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen was public, their every move has attracted much attention. On the day when the relationship was open, Sun Yizhen also posted on his social media account. Thanks to the fans, while thanking the blessings of the two, they also bluntly said that Xuan Bin is a very good man and so on.

But because Xuan Bin did not have a social account, he did not show his mentality after the relationship was made public. This response this time can be regarded as an explanation for the public about the relationship between the two.

The old age of the same age will enter the 40 -year -old mark next year. The two have been in the circle for many years, and they have talked about a few loves. Perhaps because of this, for each other, what kind of people are more suitable for themselves and have a standard.

Presumably, the two decided to fall in love, and they were not playing in trouble. It should be all decisions after being thoughtful and understanding everything of the other party.

Too many things happened in January 2021. Especially the emotional points of artists are staged almost every day. As the first pair of Golden Boy Jade Girls in 2021, if they can really enter the marriage hall together, I believe that netizens will also send them sincere blessings.

Xuan Bin's biggest award in the annual awards of the "Asia -Pacific Star Awards Ceremony" was also publicly confessing Sun Yizhen in the award -winning program. The original words at the scene were: "First of all, thank you very much for my best partner -Yin Shili, Yizhen XI (meaning Sun Yizhen, the name of Korean, so it is called Yizhen XI), because Yin Shili played by Yizhen XI, so Li Zhenghe can breathe more handsome, I want to thank her on this stage. " It can be seen from the words that publicly confessed this sentence: the tone of Xuan Bin's words seems to be faint, but the way of adults expresses love for love is decent and restrained.

In the scene of the awarding program, Xuan Bin's tone was full of official award -winning speech, which was no different from ordinary people, just for the politeness. For example, he first thanked all the crew members of "The Forced Downside of Love", other creative staff, sincerely thanked them for their efforts and behind the scenes, creating such a perfect work, and won the love of fans. Of course, what is quite moved is that Xuan Bin deliberately put "Sun Yizhen" to the end in his speech, and even thanked him alone.

Under normal circumstances, no matter what kind of celebrities, when they express their awards, they will thank the directors, screenwriters, and staff, and they will also be grateful to their partners (opponents actors), but Xuan Bin deliberately deliberately in this award award. At the end of the gratitude list, this allows people to feel his cherishment and respect for Sun Yizhen's family.

Since being exploded at the beginning of the year, Sun Yizhen's sweet and decisive response to the relationship between the two, but Xuan Bin is relatively low -key, and he has not exposed his loving photos with Sun Yizhen in public. Through this drama, the trophy of the "Asia -Pacific Star Awards Ceremony" performing art awards is also an affirmation of the acting skills of the two. At the same time, it can make the two go more firmly. The weight in my heart.

What I want to express is the gratitude to Sun Yizhen, and it also expresses that they will cherish Sun Yizhen, and they will also cherish their feelings.

After receiving the prize, Xuan Bin confessed Sun Yizhen and thanked Sun Yizhen and him to play opponents.Xuan Bin said that he was very happy to get this award, and thanked Sun Yizhen for his performance. It was because of her perfect interpretation that his role existed more handsome in the play.