Scarlet Xiong Xiong [Hong Kong Drama] (I have highly recommended ... all actors are acting ...)

Iris [Korean Drama] (Some similar heroes ... are also a spy war drama ... this is much better than the heroine hero ... it is worth seeing)

Peerless Shangjiao [Hong Kong Drama] (pretty good ...)

Fugui Gate [Hong Kong Drama] (It is TVB2009 to celebrate the drama ... Personally, I think it is okay.. But the actors are older)

Bloody Monday/Bloody Monday [Japanese Drama] (A very beautiful episode ... Now is updating the second one......)

I am a small grass [Mainland] (If LZ likes to live with a smile ... Maybe I will like this one.. This drama seems to be her sister's article ... it is also an inspirational drama ...)

Scarlet Xiong Xiong-Deng Cuiwen, Li Yaoxiang, Xie Xuexin, Wu Zhuozhen

Sophie's confession-Zhang Yiyi

This year's good -looking TV series are getting less and less

Recommended point many years ago

I don’t know if you have seen it

Lenno is passionate-Leslie Cheung, Shang Tian'e

Double-sided Yiren-Zheng Yijian, Yuan Jieying

Yuanyue Bachelor-Gu Tianle, Wen Bixia

King of the King-Jiang Hua, Lu Songxian, Wu Yongwei, Liu Jinling

Wang Zhiwen Wang Xiaoqing "Heaven"

Xu Qing Wei Zi "Betrayal"

Xu Qing's "Central Bureau"

"I am a small grass"

"Fireworks March"

"Flower Blooming"

"Datang Ge Fei"

Zhaojun out of plug (06 years of costume)

Struggle is quite realistic

I have watched the Philippine TV series promise to twists and turns

And the four daughters of India


My head, my group

Life and death line

Cai Yuexun and Lan Xiaolong are very good (the soldier assault is Lan Xiaolong's work)