Jiang Tao plays Liu Yong in "Please Fall in Love with Me".

Jiang Tao, the ancestral home of Shandong, the host of the storm video and video, has participated in "If You Are the One", "You You", "Happy 100", "Chinese Dream Show", Henan TV Channel "Looking for New anchors", "Laughing "Aojiang Lake", "Silk Men", "Qi Qi", "Dapeng 嘚 嘚 嘚" and other programs, participated in the unscrupulousness and became popular because of unique laughter.

"Seeking You Fall in Love with Me" is directed by Dong Chunze, and the emotional inspirational and comedy movies starring Jiang Tao, Qian Dongyi, Junsheng, Zhihong, etc., described a simple and simple truck driver Liu promoting. Sheep, occasionally and pursuing the billiard goddess Zhao Shasha, imagined the story of the dull and stable life, the film will be released nationwide on April 20, 2018.

Zhao Shasha, the daughter of the town hotel family, is a genius of a billiard. The grass -roots man Liu, a grass -roots man who graduated from the technical school and ran to Beijing. Occasionally, he was favored by the billiard agent Abu, and opened the transformation of professional billiard players. In the process, her relationship with Abu was frustrated, and her appearance of Liu Yongxing has always been with her ... When a billiard goddess meets love, she will choose a funny grass root man who is silent, or the sunny Gao Fushuai.