The plot is as follows:

In the movie "Special Forces: Snake Eye Origin", Henry Gordin plays a solitary loneliness who has been forbearing because of the complicated past, codenamed Snake Eye. Occasionally, he rescued the sectarian of the Lan Ying family, and was invited to join their organization in Japan.

There, the Lan Ying family not only taught the snake's eyes to become a ninja, but also gave him a home he always wanted. But when the secret of the snake's eyes was gradually revealed, his reputation and loyalty to the organization would be tested, even if this would make him lose the trust of the closest person.

The classic characters in the original work of the special forces will also appear in "Special Forces: Snake Eye Origin": Andrew Koshi plays Bai Gong, Usula Corvero plays the Baron, Samara Vivin plays the role as Scarlett, Anthracho Chunxiang plays Akiko, Ping Yue is played as Jiantai, and Iko Usis plays Master Had. The film will fully excavate the mysterious background of snake eyes.

Preliminary propaganda

On May 18, 2021, the film was officially released. The fighting lens born on a fast driving vehicle was opened with a action scene, which was refreshing. Then he jumped to the paragraph of Snake Eye for receiving ninja training.

In June 2021, the film "Special Forces: Snake Eye Origin" exposed the poster. On the poster, the neon flickering, the characters appeared with the strong rhythm music, making fans look at it.

On July 12, 2021, the filmmaker released a video of the actor behind the scenes. Under the guidance of the action guidance of "Ruruke Sword Heart" and "Zhenjia Class" Japanese member Gu Yuanzhi, Henry Golin and other actors trained the actions such as swords, fighting, shooting and other actions.

On July 20, 2021, the "Special Forces: Snake Eye Origin" created by Paramount Films exposed the preview, and briefly introduced the growth process played by Henry Gordin.