February 14th is the 45th day of the year of the Gregorian calendar, and there are 320 days before the end of the year (there are 321 days in the leap year). February 14th is the traditional Valentine's Day in Western countries.

270 AD -Roman Holy Pavi Valentine was executed, and this day was designated as "Valentine's Day" by future generations. Valentin Festival, also known as Valentine's Day, is a national festival in some countries in Europe, America and Oceania. There are many sources of this festival, but they are generally executed with Roman Holy Pavi Valentine, and later designated as "Valentine's Day".

In the 3rd century, the Roman Empire had a comprehensive crisis, the economy was withered, the ruling class was corrupt, the social turmoil was uneasy, and the people resisted. The aristocratic class suppresses the people and Christians brutally. It was time to be arrested and imprisoned. In prison, he moved the daughter of the prisoner with a frank heart.

They admire each other and get the care of the daughter of the prison. The ruling class ordered him to execute him. Before his sentence, he wrote a long testament to the daughter of Dian Prison, indicating that he was innocent. It shows that his bright heart and the daughter of the prisoner are deeply attached to the prison.

On February 14, 270, he was sentenced to death. Later, Christians sacrificed himself to commemorate Valentin for justice and pure love. Change to "Valentine's Day".

Related extension: White Valentine's Day meaning: expectation and happiness.

White white: protection, spiritual, sacred, peaceful, pure, true, sincere and powerful, clean, pure, romantic, hearty, chic, noble, clear, pure, refreshing, respectful, pure, humble, precise, precise , Innocent, youthful, and birth. On February 14, the boy gave the girl a gift (usually a rose).

After a month of consideration and inspection, on March 14, if the girl returned a gift from a boy (usually a chocolate), it means that the girl recognizes the boy and can fall in love.

Therefore, March 14 is also called White Valentine's Day. Compared to the enthusiasm of February 14th, the story on March 14 shows that it is more sweet and meet.

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