In this world, there are no exactly the same leaves, nor the same life. Everyone's emotional marriage is different. Some people's marriage can be happy to grow old, but some marriage is full of discord. In fact, some couples are not harmonious in their lives, mainly because of six issues: couples should be the closest relationship. After getting a marriage certificate, two people mean that they were tied together for a lifetime. It can be said that husband and wife should be happy

If couples want to maintain a harmonious relationship in a long life, they must not lack communication, because communication is a very important factor to avoid quarrels. As long as there is communication, you can keep the husband and wife harmony and make marriage a good result. However, some couples do not do this in their lives. Many times, they do not understand the inner thoughts of the other party, so it is easy to cause some misunderstandings. Later, the quarrel between the two will gradually increase, and the marriage will be discordant. For most husbands and wives, both sides trust each other very much and regard each other as the dependent. However, there are also some couples who lack enough trust in life, often doubt, and even suspect that the other party has changed their minds, which causes quarrels.

If both the husband and wife do not trust each other, the two people will quarrel more, and the marriage cannot be in a state of harmony. This is the problem of some couples in real life, and both husband and wife must work hard to improve. After the marriage, both the couple have their own ideas. The different views on something will lead to some differences between the two. At this time, they need to change a thinking

Unfortunately, some couples have never done this part of this part of their lives that they never consider their lover's feelings in their lives, only care about their inner thoughts, resulting in the increase in quarrels between the two, and marriage will not be happy. Such problems can lead to discord in life. Emotion is the most important thing in marriage. If there is no deep feelings, the problem between husband and wife will be enlarged, and the life of the two will not have a harmonious relationship

This is an important reason for many couples to be discordant, and every couple should pay attention to. This part of the couple's life is not concerned about each other, causing the relationship between the two to be cold and often have illusions. The end result is that the life of two people is unhappy, and even the marriage will have crisis and need to be improved. The relationship between husband and wife needs to be maintained. In daily life, they should regard each other as their closest relatives, and then take along properly to maintain a harmonious relationship and make marriage smoothly

Girls will consider much more than boys, and boys often don't care about these small things, couples will have no opinion, so it is normal to have contradictions.

Because there are problems with the communication between husband and wife, both of them only consider themselves and ignore the feelings of each other, so there will be contradictions.

It may be that the opinions of two couples are not uniform, and they will not listen to each other's opinions, so such things will happen.