Ainan's little lover/Ainan's mini lover

Ainan's little lover

Also known as: Xiaonan's mini lover

Starring: Second Palace Heye (Member Lan)

Fukada Kyoko


First episode

Nankjin (Two Palace Kazuya), who participated in the Marathon relay, and Hiroshi Hiroshima (played by Kyoko Fukada), is a pair of innocent high school couples. Under the enthusiasm of Chito Miyuki, Xiaonan accidentally ran out of good results. In the last competition of the senior high school, he was finally selected as the first stick of the relay match.

The two walked into a Chinese restaurant to eat in order to celebrate the noodles that they had never been to. Sign, and Chito Mimi draws a strange visa that can control the dragon. The old man said that this dragon may be Xiaonan. As long as Chito Miyu has been with Xiao Nan, Xiaonan may be a big man like a dragon. However, the elderly also reminded them that if they are divorced with each other, there will be terrible things.

Xiaonan and Chiyo Mei, who did not care about the old man, planned to travel together during the summer vacation. In order to prevent Xiaonan disappointed, Chito Mei even concealed his grandfather and Xiaonan to work with wine to earn travel expenses. Xiao Nan's misunderstanding Chi Daimei has an unspeakable secret. When the relay race fell, he broke up with Chito Mei.

The sad Chito Mei fell into the river in order to avoid a black cat on the way home. When she woke up, she found that her whole person became smaller ...

Second episode

After Chiyo Miyu (Kyoko Kyoko) became smaller, I finally saw Xiao Nan (Two Palace Katsui). Xiaonan didn't know how he had to take her home first.

In order to let Chia Daimei restore the original state, the two went to find their previous time to the Chinese restaurant, only to find that the shop had been closed, and the old man did not know where to go. Chiyo Midea's grandfather (Kitamura Chief of Kita) was worried about the disappearance of Chito Miyuki, and was worried about being unintentional.

In order to prevent the police from searching, and to reassure the grandfather, Chito Mei called the public communique to be safe, and encouraged the grandfather to start a spiritual opening to do business. And always wanted to seduce Xiaonan, attempting to disassemble him with Chiyomi Nomura (Miyazaki Shinan), he said that she already knew the truth, and called Xiaonan on the spot to take off the coat of Chibiro in Neisai ...

Third episode

I have always wanted to seduce Nomura (Miyazaki Shinaki) in Komana, and found that the pockets of Xiaonan (Two Palace Kazuya) have the taste of Chiyo Miyu (Fukada Kyoko). Fortunately, they were fled by Xiao Nan's wisdom several times.

Because of the final test before the relay match, there were 3 subjects in the exam. So Nomura went to Xiaonan's house to help Xiao Nan's evil supplements, but Nomura's intentional or unintentional actions made Xiaonan want to enter wrong. On Sunday, I went to the hotel to study at the hotel, but Xiaonan saw Chiyomi's grandfather (Kitamura Shiro) on the way. No one helped to deliver. Xiaonan rose for a while and helped his grandfather for a whole day. When Xiaonan rushed to the hotel, Nomura caused anemia due to swimming, and Xiao Nan went to help her but was sneak shot.

The next day, the photo was announced on the school's announcement column, so that Chito Mei was very unpleasant, and even lost the memo card that helped Xiaonan. That night, Chiyomi's grandfather sent sushi to cheer Xiaonan. Chiyomi knew that he had misunderstood Xiaonan and deliberately let Xiaonan discover his memo card. After Xiaonan discovered, he was very moved, and he passed 3 subjects in one fell swoop. When Xiao Nan was excited to help Chito Meimei buy a bed, I saw the old man who had a closed Chinese restaurant on the road ...

Episode 4

The summer vacation arrived, Xiao Nan's father (Yayami Nishimura) wanted to take the whole family to travel, but Xiao Nan (Two Palace Katsui) was refused by Chiyo Miyuki (Fukada Kyoko). Xiaonan went to the training, and Xiaonan also refused.

Xiaonan and Chiyo Mei can finally be alone at home, but after a while, Dad came back to get the fishing rod. After a while, Erno Village (Miyazya Shinxu) came to find out whether Xiao Nan hid Chito Mi. Ticket clips, there are photos of Qian Dai Mei Mom.

The next day was the taboo day of Chiyoko's mother. Chiyoko's grandfather (Shigamuki Shiro) and the lower part of the Japanese below went to sweep the grave. Chiyomi discovered that the teacher in the lower part of the day loved his mother deeply. Xiaonan decided to take care of the sushi restaurant on the day of the Chi Dai Mei Mother's Taber. Unexpectedly, I was worried that Xiaonan's father had ended his trip and rushed back. He saw Xiaonan, who had no study in the sushi restaurant, and hit Xiaonan in a angrily ...

Episode 5

Seeing Chiyo Miyu (Kyoko Fukado), the favorite summer temple fair is coming. Chiyo Miyu was sad because he could not bear to see his grandfather (Kitamura Koichiro). He blurted on the phone and said that he would go back on the day of the temple fair. Sincerity) I look forward to it.

Xiaonan (Ergonghe also) and Chiyo Mei pinned all the hope on the elderly in Chinese restaurants. Do you know that the old man's shop just happened to be closed for 3 days, and people no longer knew where they went. In order to achieve a commitment to the grandfather's office, Chito Mei and Xiaonan came up with the way to comfort the grandfather by recording a recording video. I used a video camera to go to Okihara (Ishii Tomo), and I accidentally found that Okihara also liked Chiyo Mi, but Okihara claimed that he supported Koman and Chiyo Mei.

After finally recording the video, the grandfather said that he didn't want to watch the video tape. The two people who were at a loss thought to play synchronous videos, so that Chito Mei and his grandfather talked face to face. Seeing that Chito Miyuki had a safe and public drinking celebration, it caused a heart attack. At this time, Xiaonan happened to be called out by Nomura (Miyazya Shinaka), not in the grandfather ... Episode 6 of the sixth episode ...

The grandfather (Kitamuraki Kitamurachi) of Chiyo Miyu (Kyoko Kyoko). Fortunately, the teacher of the lower part of Ri (Tama Ryo) just came to save his grandfather's life.

Nomura (Miyazaki Shimoto) told Xiaonan (Two Palace Hetao) that she might get pregnant. She asked Xiaonan to help her buy a pregnant agent. It happened to be seen by Xiaonan's sister Sakura (Abe Mami) and went home to tell her father (Nishimura Yawan) Later, it set off a stir. Fortunately, Nomura appeared in time to resolve a big misunderstanding.

Later, Xiaonan took Chiyo Mei to go to the elderly of Chinese cuisine, but he knew that the old man was frightened when he saw Chiyo Mi. Chiyomi began to feel that she should be self -reliant, and she should not be involved in Xiaonan. The next day, Xiao Nan and Chiyo Mei went to the elderly again. The old man wanted to sign again this time, but he still got the signing poem that could not restore the original state. Chiyomi decided to make a last date with Xiaonan to Jiangzhima. Xiaonan also asked someone to make a mini necklace to Chiyomi. After returning home, Nomura went out again. Chiyomi was going to go to the appointment, and he left a letter to leave quietly ...

Episode 7

Chiyo Miyu (Kyoko Fukada) felt that he would only cause trouble to Xiaonan (Two Palace Hetao), so she decided to leave Xiaonan, and the anxious Xiaonan couldn't find her, very worried.

The teacher of the lower part of the day (Tian Biancheng) hopes that Xiao Nan will participate in the university's promotional examination meeting, but Xiaonan is thinking about worrying about Chito Mei and unintentionally participating. Xiaonan thought of Chiyo Mei who might go to the elderly of Chinese cuisine, so he went to the Chinese restaurant to ask, but the old man denied it.

Indeed, Chito Mei of the elderly, in order to return to the elderly's collection, wrote the menu for the store in calligraphy. Later, Xiaonan, who did not give up, came to the store again and found that Qian Daimei wrote a brush word and was relieved. He also decided to accept it. He hoped that Chi Daimei would come to see him running.

However, Chiyomi decided to leave, and only asked the elderly to help her bring to Xiao Nan. Although Xiaonan in the selection meeting was favored by the teacher, after learning that Chiyo Mi left again, he decided to dismiss and push Zhen Zhen, and immediately went to find Chi Daimei. Xiaonan found Chito Mi, who was still unable to leave at the back door of the Chinese cuisine, wept very much, and the old man was very moved, encouraging them to have miracles.

Xiaonan promised Chibongmei to let her look at her running appearance, so I practiced at the school playground, Okihara (Ishioshiki) just saw Xiaonan in the practice, and wanted to help Xiaonan recorded the running posture, but accidentally recorded it to the super mini -mini Miyuki Miyuki Native

Eighth episode

Nomura (Miyazaki) heard that Komana (Two Gonghe) said that he had never forgotten Chiyomi (Kyoko Fukada), and was hit hard. He had a car accident when he was absent -minded when he passed the road.

Chiyoko sympathy Nomura without his loved ones, and asked Xiao Nan to take home to take care of, and Nomura also took the opportunity to live in Xiaonan's home. However, Nomura kept piercing Xiaonan, and Xiao Nan's mother also found that Nomura pretended to be fractured, and at the same time suspected Chiyo Midea, so she finally made Chito Mei showing their feet through the family portrait.

Looking at Nomura and Kobaya's family and Ledu's dinner, Chito Miyu, who couldn't help but feel lonely, called Xiaonan's mobile phone to the grandfather (Kitamurachi Yiro). This incident was also discovered by Nomura. Where is Chiyo Mei Zang, and even holding Xiao Nan forced Chiyo Mei to show up. I did not expect that Chiyo Maini, who had been unbearable, appeared, and the appearance of the mini really frightened Nomura ...

Episode 9

Nomura (Miyazaki Shimoto) learned that Chiyo Miyu (Kyoko Kyoko) became smaller, and he was always taking care of Xiaonan (Ninomiya Yuta).

Xiaonan's mother (named Yuzi) is coming. Everyone prepares gifts for Nan's mother. Chiyomi also strives to weave a scarf that I wanted to give to her mother before, but because it was too small, he could only be a bookmark.

Because Nomura told the lower part of the Nikki (Tana Royo) that Xiaonan hid the Chi Dai Mei at home, and the teacher of the lower part of the Japanese was doubted and decided to ask Xiaonan to ask clearly. After seeing the bookmarks of Chito Mei Odai, he was even more doubtful, so he was asking for questioning. At the same time as Xiaonan, he couldn't hold back his anxious emotions and hit Xiaonan ...

Episode tenth

The teacher of the lower part of the day (Tian Bianya Ichi) asked Xiaonan (Two Gonghe) why he wanted to hide Chia Hyato (Kyoko Kyoko), and he couldn't hold back his emotions. Fortunately, the people on the shop street stopped it in a timely manner.

The next day, the lower part of the day came to apologize and told Xiaonan's reasons for his excitement, because Chito Midea's grandfather (Kitamura Shiro) may not be saved if he had a heart attack again, so he would be anxious to know the whereabouts of Chiyo Mi. Chito Mei, who heard this incident, immediately decided to go home to explain to his grandfather.

Just when Qian Daimei returned, the grandfather's myocardial infarction was made, but he forbeanly did not let the lower part of the sun know. He quietly went to the hospital to seek medical treatment on his own. He happened to see Xiaonan and Chiyo Mi who saw this scene and went to the hospital together. When the outside world wakes up, Chiyo Mei finally met with her grandfather. Although the grandfather was surprised by Chiyo Mi's body, but she happily promised to let Chito Mei and Xiaonan deal with it. Chiyo Mei changed back to the original appearance ... Episode 11

Xiaonan (Two Palace Kazuya) and Chito Miyami (Kyoko Fukada) decided to go to the legendary spring spring to make a wish together, hoping to make Chiyo Mei change back to the original appearance. Unexpectedly, after the two were set off, Chiyomi's grandfather (Kitamura Chief Yonan) suddenly had a heart attack.

Just when the two were preparing to make a wish, they finally received a call from the teacher's lower teacher, so the two decided to give up their wish and prayed for the girlfriend's illness ...

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