Mei Yanfang

Lyric: Deng Jingsheng composed: Li Xiaotian

Sing: Rouge

Vowing fantasy to smoke cloud characters

(In the movie, Twelve Shao once and Ruhua Peak the Mountain League, but in the end, he did not die with Ruhua, one person lived)


(For example, it was spent in Yin Cao Difu for 12 years, but the twelve youngs still did not come, she was very sad and heartbroken)

Love is hot as hot

How to burn a lifetime

Continuing is not easy

(The once emotion was as hot as the fire, but it could not maintain a lifetime.

Negative love is your name

(Twelve young people are responsible people, and they do not accompany the flowers to die together)

Pay thousands of acacia

(For example, spend your life and the hard work of fifty years of suffering, you will not be born late)

Love is like water to eastward

(In the end, Ruhua knew the twelve young feelings and died. This relationship passed like the east flowing water)

In reality, his brother Leslie Cheung did not live up to Mei Yanfang. He took a step first and went to Yin Cao Difu to wait for the fear of the black flower in advance, and then the two of them dragged their hands and walked to Huangquan Road, never separated.

Twelve youngs and sneaks, betrayed and vowed with Huahua. The lyrics are the disappointment and past feelings of the lyrics to the twelve young.

If you look at the movie, you may understand a bit more