My God, you have to watch all the zombie films, recommend ten more classic ones

"Busan" in 2016: The zombie virus suddenly broke out on the train, and the living people gave up their original human nature.

"Please call me heroes" in 2016: The girlfriend of the Cold War has been transformed into a terrorist zombie, and the orderly city instantly turned into a hunting ground.

In 2015 "Extinction: Zombies slaughter the city": The zombies were raging, and the three were survived, but they did not want to one day after nine years, the nightmare hit again!

"Zombie Hu An" in 2012: The unknown virus raging the earth, but in the small social figures, he made a different approach to "disaster".

"Dead" in 2009: But Bart died after the death! Living dead people actually cooperate with humans to expel the sin of the city!

In 2008, "Zombie Dancer": The underground "strip club" dancer transformed into a "super zombie strip girl" and caused everyone to watch.

"28 weeks of shock" in 2007: After the disaster, they stepped on their homeland again! I did not expect that there were even more horrible things waiting for them.

2007 "I'm Legend": Humans produce terror viruses! New York was instantly swept into an empty city by the virus, and the zombies learned to evolve.

"28 days of shock" in 2002: I thought it was "hope" but did not expect to be desperate! Alive at all.

In 1994, "Return to the Dead of Three Lives Avoiding": The man resurrected his girlfriend with a special technology, but she turned into a zombie! How should he choose as a boyfriend.