Zhu Xiangyu (7, July 18, 1978-), Korean actor and model.In 1999, he debuted by appearing in the EBS youth drama "Realizing Your Dream".In 2011, he won the Korean TV Drama Festival Supporting Actor Award and SBS Acting Award for the Giant Giant.In 2013, he won the KBS Acting Awards Excellent Acting Award for "Good Doctor".Representative works include TV series and other TV series such as "Duster Single Girls", "Good Doctor", "Special Case Project Ten2", "Dinner of God", "Paradise Ranch", "Radish Kimchi" and other TV series.In 2014, he appeared in the SBS TV series "The Birth of Beauty".

The one who had a scandal with Sun Yizhen!It belongs to that kind of powerful actor, and the popularity is not particularly high. Now I am participating in "Meeting Male God"!Very cute and warm uncle male god, I used to like him before!

Ask Baidu!Is he a male god? You can become the male protagonist. I heard that I have recently participated in Anhui Satellite TV's "Meet the male god". You can see it.