Kamenashi Kazuya was born on February 23, 1986 in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan. Japanese male singer, actor, host. In 1998, Jenisian office was joined through an interview. In 2001, he was selected as a member of Kat-Tun.

In January 2005, he participated in the campus drama "Extreme Dao Xian Shi 2". In October, he starred in the campus drama "Wild Pig Reconstruction" and won the 47th Japanese Drama Academy Award for Best Actor Award. In November, a limited combination with Yamashita Tomoi was repaired. After that, the single "Youth Amigo" released was 1.6 million. In March 2006, he officially debuted as a member of KAT-TUN.

In October, starred in the love drama "Only Love". In January 2010, he starred in the love drama "Miss Perfect Evolution" and won the Best Actor Award for the 13th Japanese Sports Japanese Drama Awards. In the same year, the host of the sports news program "Going !! Sports & News" and the comprehensive producer of Zoominsata.

In November 2011, he starred in the science fiction drama "Monster Earth Beim" and won the Best Actor Award at the 71st Japanese Drama Academy. In May 2013, starring the suspense film "俺 俺", challenging one person to play 33 characters. In January 2015, starred in the plot "Joker Game". In February, she starred in the love drama "Second Love".

In January 2016, he starred in the criminal drama "Strange Thief Bobcat". In April 2017, he starred in the love drama "I am destined to be destined". The first personal tour was held in July. In January 2018, he starred in the revenge drama "FINAL CUT". Starring in the suspense drama "Letter" in December. In April 2019, he participated in the criminal investigation drama "Strawberry Night · Saga". The first solo single "Rain" was released in May. He was selected into the Tokyo Olympics torchbearers in December.

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Early experiences:

On February 23, 1986, Kamen Pear and were also born in Edogawa -ku, Tokyo, Japan. There were two brothers and a younger brother in the family. In 1992, the elementary school joined the soft baseball team "Big Shirt Victory" baseball team. In 1997, he participated in the "Junior Baseball World Conference" in the sixth year of the elementary school. The hard baseball team "Edo Sichuan Shaoyu Team" was added in the middle school.

In 1998, the 12 -year -old Kamen Pear and the sister who wanted to be a professional baseball player and were also registered with Jenis office by his sister. He was cheated by his father to watch the baseball game and participated in the audition of Jenisian. , Enter the entertainment industry.

Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -Kamen Pear and Ye Ye

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