Top Ten Best Movies in the World

It seems that Shangjia's technology film is indeed invincible. According to a latest survey conducted by fans as the object, half of the world's top ten best movies are classic science fiction films.

The survey conducted by the Broadcasting Corporation found that the "Star Wars" directed by George Rucas first ranked first, and the other two movie "Phantom Crisis" and "Imperial Counterattack" ranked 5th and 7th. Another Star Wars series "Astronomy of Samurai" was ranked 28th in the best film.

Lie Niger's "2020" ranked second, and the other masterpiece "Alien" ranked fourth. The third place is not a science fiction movie, but the classic movie "North African Spy" starring Khamfoli Poly and Ingle Bergman. Another director selected by the movie is Stephen Stormburg. Its "Schutler's List" ranks 8th, and "Thunder Savior" ranked 9th, not science fiction movies. The British best box office film "The Star Picking Strange" starring Julia Rosa and Xiaoghi Gran has a hot stove, and 100 are not incompatible.

In 100 best movies, the latest film is "Death Specialty", ranking 66; the oldest film is the "Better of the Chaos" in 1939. In the best movie, the best movie, the starring Robdini Road starred in Six, the starring Xia Lixun and Alexonis each accounted for 5.

The actresses who have the most movies are Xue Geweihua and Jiali Fisha, both of which are selected. But Jiali seemed to be given by her to play the "Star Wars" series of movies.