Detailed actor table:

Ge Huishan (구혜선) decorated with golden silk (금잔디) [Shancai]

Li Minhao (이민호) decorated with Jun Table (구준표) [Daoming Temple]

Jin Xianzhong (김현중) decorated Yin Zhihou (윤지후) [Huaze class]

Jin Fan (김 饰 饰 饰 饰 饰 饰 饰 소이정 소이정) [Ximen]

Jin Jun (김 饰 饰 饰 饰 饰 饰 饰) Song Yubin (송우빈) [송우빈 作]

Han Caiying (饰) decorated Min Ruixian (민서현) [Fujitang Jing]

Kim Su'en (김소 饰 饰) Disposal Qiu Jiayi (추가을) [小 优]

An Yanhuan (안석환) decorated with Jin Rifeng (금일봉) [Sugi Dad]

Jin Xianzhu (김현주) decorated with Junxi (구준희) [Sister Dao Mingchun Temple]

Ju Zhiyan (饰) decorated with Ginger Cui Zhenxi (진저 최진희) [Bullying Shancai 3 Women 1] "True"

Zhang Zihuan (장자연) decorated Sunny Puzi 써니 써니) [Bullying Shancai 3 Women 1] "Good"

Min Yingyuan (饰) decorated with Miranda Li Meishu (미란다 이미숙) [Bullying Shancai 3 Women 1] "Beauty"

Li Huiying (이혜영) as Jiang Xishu (강희숙) [강희숙) [Temple Mom Dao Mingfeng]

Li Shiying (이시영) decorated with Wu Minzhi (오민지) [Li Zhen (three Sakurazi)]

Park Jibin (饰) Victoria (금강산) [Shancai's brother]

Ren Yizhen [Ren Huizhen] (任) Princess Luo (나 공주) [Shancai's mother]

Li Zhengji [Li Zhengji] (李) Yan Xiyong (윤석영) [Grandpa of the class]

Zheng Yizhe (饰) decorated with Li Jixia [brother] (이제하)/Li Minhe [Brother] [Shunping of the Modeling of Temple Temple]

Zheng Haobin (饰) as Zheng Shanglu (정상록) [Secretary -General of Myth Group]

Li Minzhen (이민정) Zan Xia Zai Jing (하재경) [小 小]

Jin Jibang (김기방) decorated Fengchunzhi (봉춘식) [봉춘식 金 金 金 金]

Li Haiyu (이해우) Jewelry and unconscious golden silk bed photos

Zheng Zanyu (饰) decorated with childhood Ge Jun Table (구준표) [Daoming Temple]

Jiang Shan (강 饰 饰) decorated with childhood Yin Zhihou (윤지후) [윤지후 윤지후] Wen Bin (문 빈 빈) as childhood Su Yizheng (소이정) [Ximen]

Jiang You Shi [Jiang Yixi] (강유석) decorated with childhood Song Yubin (송우빈) [송우빈 作]

Jiang Hanxing (饰) decorated with a young age (구준표) [Daoming Temple]

Nantuo (남다름) decorated with Yin Zhihou (윤지후) [Huaze class]

Zheng Taihao (饰) decorated Su Yizheng (소이정) [Ximen]

Li Enxiu (이은수) decorated with Song Yubin (송우빈) [송우빈 송우빈]

Li Junxi (이준희) decorated with Wu Minzhi (오민지) [오민지) [Li Zhen (three Sakurazi)]

The information of Xia Zaijing's player is as follows:

Name: Li Minzheng (‘True’ or ‘Zhen’ is ‘전‘ 전 ‘전,‘ 정 ’should be translated into‘ Zheng ’

Han Wen: 이민정

Birthday: February 16, 1982 [1]

Height: 167cm

Weight: 49kg

Education: Chengjun Pavilion University Acting Arts Science

TV drama

2005 SBS "Love in Love"

2005 MBC "Best Theater"

2006 MBC "Cherish the present"

2007 MBC "Radish Kimchi"

2008 MBC "Who are you"

2008 KBS2 "Fantastic Men" as Xia Zaijing, the fiancee of the Junbiao (Xiaoyi)


2003 "Return to Sky"

2004 "Seeking Love Coffee House"

2006 "No reason/"

2006 "Pruning Grape Vine"

2008 "Find Elephant"



Fly to the Sky "Like a Man" and "Avoid"

"Letter" (Jin Youzhu) in 2005 (Jin Youzhu)

2006 "Like a Man" (FTTS)

2007 "Xiaoqin"


OMPHLOS clothing advertising partner is Lin Zhu Huan, the player of the male No. 2 of "The Queen of Snow".


2004 "Taxi Penalty"

2005 "Miss and Rogue"

2008 "Emergency People"

Che En is playing Park Xiuzhen's information as follows:

Park Xiuzhen/Park Xiuzhen

Korean name: :

English name: Park Soojin

Date of birth: November 27, 1985

Occupation: singer, Korean artist

Body: 166cm, 45kg, Type A

Debut: Sweet love in 2002 (Sugar's first album title song)

Education: Detailed women's college affiliated to the college of the University of Teachers College and the postmodernology of postmodernology of Qingxi University

Hobbies: Listen to music, watch action movies

Struggle: Internet access

Homorious: Saying dreams

Nickname: Blood Gully, Singing Ballet Girl

Ideal type: kind, pure, clean and capable person with good appearance

Righting: Live kind and honestly

Favorite diet: Korean food

Charm point: mole on the nose

Types of Men you like: There are people who have claims and are very good at taking care of people

TV drama work

1993 "Little Giant"

2002 TV series short drama "Youth"


2007 SBS "Sword Hand Wu Xiujing"

2007 MBC Everyone "The Demon of the Red Wine"

2009 KBS "Fantastic Man" Che En

The information of Zhang Meimei's actor is as follows:

김민지 김민지 김민지 김민지 김민지

: (Date of Birth): 1992 년 4 월 11 일

8 (debut): 2008 道 cf 남양 유업 17 차

M (TV series): MBC 그분 이 오신다 (2008), KBS 천추태후 (2008) 소속사: 싸이더스 HQ

미스틴 (advertisement): 8 (2008), 남양 유업 17 차 (2008)

She is the heroine of the mobile phone advertisement of OPPO we have played in China

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