1. "Great White Shark" (1975)

One of the must -see films that Spielberg watched. In that era, the use of model sharks to shoot realistic effects, so that many people knew a species such as Great White Sharks. The sharks that were far away from us were displayed in front of humans.

Looking back at "Great White Shark" now, although you will feel that the model is a bit rough, many thriller shooting methods have been imitating until now. The $ 9 million budget, $ 470 million global box office, simply calculate how successful this movie is.

2. "Deep Sea Mad Shark" (1999)

Maybe when I watched "Great White Shark", I was still young, so that for me, the shark left a shadow in my heart. The main line of the film is that in order to develop a drug, people use sharks to do experiments on the base of hundreds of meters under the sea. During the experiment, the shark's IQ made a rapid progress, and it was a terrible thing for killing machines to have self -awareness.

The closed space and people are not the only smart creature. You may think of "Alien" for the first time, but I first watched "Deep Sea Crazy Shark", which also gave me a deep understanding of the horror of sharks. Of course, there are always sexy heroines in the thriller. The heroine in the movie has left a deep impression on me.

3. "Shark Beach" (2016)

When it comes to the combination of sexy heroines and fierce monsters, "Shark Beach" can be said to have played these two elements to the extreme. The hostess Blake Laveli itself is an international model.

In the movie, she came to strange beaches alone to play surfing. During the surfing, the heroine discovered a whale corpse that was attacked by a shark and died unfortunately. The smell of the corpse attracted the shark. On the reef on the sea, waiting for the rescue here.

4. "Shark Sea" (2016)

The film was released in the same year as overseas and "Shark Beach". The Mainland was introduced in 2017. At that time, I also made a movie viewing group and invited senior diving coaches and audiences to share diving experiences and some knowledge points of real sharks.

The movie talked about two unsuspecting girlfriends and ran to Mexico to disperse. As a result, the wild guide took the cage and dive, and sprinkled meat next to the cage to attract sharks to watch. As soon as the two bitter sisters dived under the water, the cable that pulled the cage was broken, so the two were trapped in a 47 -meter underwater cage.

The film is not only threatened by sharks, but also various problems encountered when underwater dive. Although the knowledge points are used, the presentation in the movie is basically nonsense. After this movie, I knew that sharks were in the eyes of diving enthusiasts.

5. "Destiny Double Shark" (2012)

After talking about a few pretty good films, I will come to show you some alternative films. After watching these, you may be like me and want to feed these directors to sharks.

This movie tells a group of people attacked by a mutant double -headed shark at sea, and the surviving people still did not escape doom in the island.

6. "Devil Three -headed Shark" (2015)

You read it right. A bad movie such as the double -headed shark is also a sequel. Similar to "Eleven Luohan", there is one more head in the second one. If you remember correctly, the shark in this part can grow new heads after being cut off. Compared with the previous work, this is also an innovation, but it still cannot stop the essence of bad films.

7. "Fifth Five -headed Shark" (2017)

"Fifth Five -headed Shark" is directed by Nico de Leon, starring Lorna Hernandez, Michelle Cortes, Lindsay Sawyer, Amaanda Méndez, Nikki Alexis Howard, Stephanie Cruz, Yinoelle Colón and others. Disaster movie.

8. "Big Barrier Reef Ambition" (2010)

If the previous movies make you spicy eyes, and look back at this kind of shark thriller full of routines, it may feel much better. This film is still a story of several people trapped in the sea and encountered a shark. The degree of thriller is not very high, the bottom of the sea is okay, and the overall is mediocre.

9. "Ghost Shark" (2013)

You have read the wrong film name. This is a ghost film. After the shark was killed by the fishing person, it became a ghost to revenge. This brain can be opened. No one is. However, if you look at these five -pointer special effects, you know that the movie is just a concept, and the effect will not be good.

10. "Shark Stunning Night" (2011)

"Shark Stunning Night 3D" is a horror film directed by David R. Eris, starring Sara Parkston and Chris Kamark, which was released in 2011. The film tells the story of seven vacations who wanted to come to a lake hut to enjoy a good weekend. As a result, the shark's attack turned this holiday into a nightmare.