1. "Born of Born" is produced by BroadCastthai in Thailand, directed by Phawat Panangkasiri, Nong Arunosha produced, Lan Ni Karpen, Tana Vattanapi, Susira Angelina Naenna and other starring TV series.

The play tells the heroine who lives in modern, but yin and yang went back to the Grand City dynasty in ancient Thailand in the 19600s of Thailand.

2. "Love Chain" is a Thai love drama starring Husavi Parapongpi (KEM) and MOOK (MOOK).The play was broadcast on August 14, 2020 on the 7th TV station in Thailand.

"Born of Born" episode evaluation

The ratings have been rising since the beginning of the broadcast, and Bella challenged the role of evil girls has been well received. At the same time, most of the scenes in the play are mostly in Dachengfu, and the local tourism industry has been driven.

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