The TV series "Bibo Fairy" died at the end of the red fish mortal and became He Xiangu, not with Li An.

Related plot: Red fish is gone, and everyone discusses the whereabouts of the fish girl. At this time, He Shun took the flower basket and came to Xianhe Restaurant. He Shun told everyone that Sister Yu let herself come, and said that she was also sick, and she was very weak. After going down the mountain with herself, she went home and was anxious to see Zhao Xiu and Lu Zhuang.

Grandpa Guo was very strange. Everyone told him that He Shun was a little fairy. Now Zhao Xiu was saved. The emperor gave the imperial decree, appointed Li An as the governor, and entered the sanctuary of Beijing. After Li An listened, he refused to accept it, and everyone was embarrassed.

Grandpa Guo told Li An that he knew what he was thinking. He would always encounter setbacks in his life in the officialdom, but as long as he was upright, these were not troublesome. Now the people hope that he should not live up to everyone's period. The red fish was scattered into mortals, and then sank into the bottom of the lake to save the remaining seven righteous men (that is, the seven of the Eight Immortals).

Extended information

1. Red fish

Actor Sun Feifei

The red fish is a carp fairy that looks good, extraordinary, and resourceful. Fengmei, who was destined to guard the bottom of Bibo Lake by Guanyin Bodhisattva, used the magic weapon of Guanyin Yuci on the forehead. When Li An was killed, the carp fairy made suggestions for him, and the two gradually became affectionate. But the Red Fish eventually became He Xiangu because of the detention of Fengmei.

2. Li An

Actor Chen Xiaochun

Li An is an integrity and kind official. Lu Yu was rescued by the kind red fish accidentally, and the two began a relationship entanglement by coincidence. When Li An was in danger, the carp fairy always protected himself with his life. In the face of the kind confidant carp fairy, Li An was so excited.

3. Lu Chunyang

Actor He Zhonghua

Lu Chunyang is actually Lu Dongbin, one of the eight immortals. In order to find his brothers and sisters, he went down the mountain and pseudo Lu Chunyang in the world. After being stolen by the silver, he could only earn silver as a worker at the dock. Boss Zhang wanted to accept him under the door and designed to grasp his sister, but did not succeed. In the end, Lu Chunyang found the brothers and sisters who had lost the world with the help of Red Fish and completed the task.

4. Zhao Xiu

Actor Zhan Jingyi

Zhao Xiu is a traditional ladylike lady, with a gentle personality. Zhao Xiu and Li An had been married to the family since childhood. After the decline of the Zhao family, Zhao Xiu's parents resolutely regretted marriage, and the marriage between the two was also blocked. But she did not give up and had been infatuated with Li An and pursued bravely.

5. Lan'er

Actor Mu Tingting

Female killer Lan'er, agile. In his childhood, his parents were killed, and the seeds of hatred were buried from this heart. In order to report the hatred of his parents, Lan Er was caught in a unfortunate revenge. Even love did not let her stop her revenge. In the end, she ended in hatred in the arms of her beloved and ended her life.

Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Bibo Fairy

To be precise, in the drama "Bibo Fairy", the red fish was finally dead. In the last episode, she was scattered into mortals, and then sank into the bottom of the lake to save the remaining seven righteous men (that is, the seven of the Eight Immortals). In my understanding, the red fish is a red fish, and He Xiangu is He Xiaogu. Hongfu had always loved Li An in her heart, and Li An was the same, but in the end, she still spent her life with Li An who was still the girl Zhao Xiu. This is like the relationship between Yuan Chengzhi and Wen Qingqing Ajiu in the Blood Sword. Throughout the drama, the conversation between the red fish and Fengmei at the bottom of the lake, and the discussion of Li An and the evil view of the Taoist view made me feel deeply! I thought "Bibo Fairy" was a romantic love story between immortals. I did not expect to become an eight immortal gathering in the end. I really had to admire the idea of ​​the screenwriter. Idea, this Bibo Fairy is a prequel to the Eight Immortals, haha ​​😄 ~ Throw these, this play is worth watching. I am also running from Xiaochun, haha

Li An's last married Zhao Xiu. No one followed the red fish. She also became the eight immortal (He Xiangu).

Not with Li An. Hongyuer (He Xiangu), finally became He Xiangu in the Eight Immortals. After the ending, Baxian left.

The red fish became one of the eight immortals, He Xiangu, Li An and Zhao Xiujie.