"The same is the fall of the world. Why should you meet each other." One is a female worker who has been squeezed, and the other is the intellectual who is poor. Following sympathy, and the kindness and sincerity of female workers, her light of human nature that is not poverty and pain is not only shining in the darkness at the time, but also very precious in today's society. The background of the novel was a small rental house during the Republic of China. At that time, Hou,

People's lives are very hard. "I" had to rent a house without a job. The female worker worked for ten hours a day but could only barely maintain life. When you started reading, you would think that this female union stole the " "In our opinion, in our opinion, in order to survive, people will seize the things around me. But unexpectedly, the female worker did not stole it, but was worried that "I" would not go to the right path and made a bad fortune. What a precious spirit.

Relatively speaking, our lives are very superior today. We don't have to worry about not being able to afford the rent, and we don't have to worry about filling the stomach, but we really feel our spiritual life. The height is too low. I have seen such a photo: a mother embrace a baby stands hard on the bus, and stands hard, and next is a young lady and a strong young man. Both of them seemed to be attracted by something outside the window, but they stared at the window with intention, as if they didn't notice that there was a mother who needed help. I can't help but think that the fruits outside the window really have such a great temptation, so that the two young people are so focused? Needless to say, everyone will understand that these two young people just want to escape the obligation to make a place. But it was really difficult to suffer so much for them. How disgusting this is, but more sad. Isn't it? Just for the moment of comfort, and would rather be ambitious and bear the heart to stood up to the mother. Although things were small, we couldn't help asking: What is their conscience?

Therefore, I want to call for true feelings. I don't expect it to be as sincere as described in Yu Dafu's novels. I just want to appear more similar pictures around us and have more humble lenses, which is enough.

Do you want to go to a middle school? I didn't write either.