The vivid plot and the fierce gun battle scene of "Fire Line", the in -depth exploration and display of the inner world of the characters makes the film more moving. It exists, but as a person in life shown in front of the audience. (Qianjiang Evening News Review)

"Fire Fire Line" is such a movie with a passionate and very strong taste. The film starts with robbery and unsolved car. With the advancement of the plot, the respective characters are portrait into three points. This film is no longer an ordinary action policeman film. It depicts humanity with delicate and real methods, and the Y effect on the character and the surrounding environment has risen to a higher level. (

The film depicts the loneliness of everyone's temperament and the depths of the soul to meticulous, and it also conveys unspeakable sadness in the interaction between people. Thanks to the ability to control the rhythm of the film, the advancement of the plot is independently intertwined and intertwined. Even when the gunfight is the most intense, the switching of the lens still maintains the unpredictable soothing and the clear lines of the lines. The rigorous image style, completely calm, but people unknowingly brought into the destiny space of all characters. (Yangcheng Evening News Review)