The two "Chinese Partners" are full of inspirational, but the result is too much. One box office exceeds 500 million, but one is far from 100 million. "Chinese Partner" is a rare domestic inspirational film, and is based on real prototypes. The overall is smooth and smooth, and there are various highlights of the details. "Chinese Partner 2" combines their entrepreneurial experience with Internet big names such as Liu Qiangdong and Lei Jun. The story is lengthy and trivial, and the processing method of running water accounts has made many hysterical conflicts not be well paved in the plot and emotional reasonable way.

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China emphasizes very well in China, and the protagonist does not have great ambitions, just to live a better life. What they did only worked in the 1980s, but they succeeded, which was very China. This is actually a bland narrative movie, but in this era its issue is destined to cause great discussion and response. Chen Kexin's work finally adapted to the national conditions of Mainland China, but the atmosphere and emotion of the big era felt in "Sweet Honey" could not be found again in this movie. It is a successful and social response commercial movie.

This film can be talked about youth, nostalgia, and reality, but I really can't talk about ideals. The three founders' own ideals are broken. Selling dreams is not the same as giving. Essence The ending of the story is perfect. In real life, it is more "for a long time, and it must be united for a long time. It just wants to be able to dismantle the gang peacefully. In the future, it is still a brother. This movie is a need to see blood, a comic -style Chinese reeling attack, which is a praise poem dedicated to capital ... I personally like this movie because of some heart knots, because of some obsession ... is it, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is. Say goodbye to youth.

Chen Kexin's movie can only be said that the whole story is very inspirational, but the sourness of the entrepreneurial and the psychological portrayal of the characters is overwhelmed by this long span in the movie. It is really a lion's opening. I personally feel that the biographical movie is still limited to the most special time period of the character. Overall, it is also a great challenge to make successors in the mainland as a biography. Maybe Chen Kexin can never do it, and the sense of rhythm is as good as the actor. Huang Xiao clearly returned his acting skills. It has been unchanged.

In "Chinese Partner 2", the audience felt Zhao Lixin's ripeness of the role. In "Chinese Partner 2", Zhao Lixin has a unicorn that has been nearly 6 minutes, which is too impressive. This is his entrepreneurial perception, also his life monologue, heavy mood and complicated mood. The story is flat and stable. One person, a paranoid, and a turtle partnership as an e -commerce company. Previously, the Internet passed on the Internet is the autobiography of Lei Jun, but in fact, the entrepreneurial story of this film has too many Internet companies. At the last moment, I am very touching.

However, this is the worst narrative model of entrepreneurial stories. From beginning to end, I do n’t see why the protagonist has got the first investment, how the company has achieved further development, and what the protagonist has worked to overcome all kinds difficult. All the problems seem to be resolved automatically after the development of time, and it seems that it is simply the autobiography of the flowing accounts written by private entrepreneurs. Moreover, Zhao Lixin's face is a face without enthusiasm and no dreams. A face that is not sure how much is there but determined that he is unsatisfactory.

The film tries to renew the marten of the tail, but did not figure it out. The value of these people Lei Jun is not worth making a movie. Is it a movie material? This may be the movie version of "Entrepreneurship", which not only depends on ying, but also can collapse in all aspects of compilation, guidance, and acting. The director is also very powerful. The entire production is the level of shooting of the TV series. The editing is chaotic and out of control. The plot is procrastinating. The most terrible thing is Zhao Lixin's performance. There are indeed acting skills. Why can't you perform well?

At the same time, the drama conflict was set too deliberate. Everyone was exhausted, and the background sound bombarded my brain pain. In the process of introducing and narrating in the process of Shundu's entrepreneurial process to describe the emotional world of the characters, it can be seen that the director is a bit thoughtful. However, the main line lacks detail support, and blindly relying on emotional output is not enough to impress people. The end is a bit vague. Compared with "Chinese Partner", it is not a little worse than all aspects, and I don't feel the "friendship" between the three protagonists from beginning to end. The love line is even more inexplicable. Even the most basic "good -looking" cannot be done, let alone "dedicated to entrepreneurs".

It is because the second part of the second part is relatively small, and the variety of the resident guests is not so strong, so it is not so attractive.

Because "Chinese Partner 2" did not meet the expectations of the audience, the audience was not very interested.I think the plot of the second part is relatively outrageous, and the actor's acting skills are not as vivid as the first.I think this is the reason for the second failure.