Definer on the stage

Will Smith

From the crazy New York Jedi Military Police to the black world, he gradually grew into a new generation of special police officers under the point of understanding of Detective K. It is hearty, integrity, brave, and abnormal, have a strong sense of responsibility, but also make good strategies and understand random response. The first episode of the exam shows the character of this character vividly, and its player Will Smith's two -sided personality performances have made this role the most popular black man special police officer. K agent

Tommy Lee Jones

The oldest and capable super detectives in the "black man" organization have performed dangerous tasks many times to save the earth in the fire and fire; in the black super world, the legend in the legend, and the leader and mentor of the latecomer J. Essence But unsmiling, he often showed a warm and lovely side, which can be seen from the first episode of the call of the satellite image observation ex -wife, and the ambiguous feelings of Princess Sata Star. Z

Leip Tang En

The head of the man in black, serious, cared for, brave and witty. Although he was unsmiling, he was a cold -faced laughter in private. There was such a leader who sat in the town. There will be a little more joy and warmth in your life. Alien Jack Jeebs

Science: Unknown

Ability: The pawnshop owner, secretly doing the illegal business of the three religions and nine streams, not good stubble. With super regeneration ability, such as the head will grow up after being blasted. Weakness: I don't like to be bombarded with my head. And there are many illegal trading handles in K's hands. Edgar the bug

Division: insects

Ability: Parasites under the skin after peeling off human flesh and blood. It can be as camouflage and like sugar like ordinary people.

Weakness: Afraid of fire, and when you see "Xiaoqiang" are killed, you will be angry. Role introduction information source