Some people say that Kung Fu superstar Li Lianjie has no son but he has two son. These two doctors are articles and Xie Miao. Among them, the origin of Xie Miao and Li Lianjie, born in Beijing is very deep. Xie Miao was treated in Wang Jing in the martial arts "Xin Shaolin Five Ancestors" in the martial arts film, and he played Li Lianjie's son. Later, Xie Miao was in the movie "give Dad's letter". Once again, I played Li Lianjie's son. It seems that Xie Miao as a child star has become a child of Li Lianjie or more iron!

His first drama is the "Xin Shaolin Five Ancestral" of Wang Jing.

He opened the character of the prime mascor, but the young palace is used to the hardships of Xie Miao. Xie Miao will have a lot of 纨绔, make Xie Miao to try the small protagonist, when he replaced the clothes standing on the stage The temperament he has explained is that the people present, including Wang Jing director, is this corner, and the characters in the drama seem to be tailored for him, and then the board is set. This is the beginning of Xie Miao's performance and the beginning of his golden age.

Later, although he thought of thinking about the play, but his parents would study hard, filial piety, he didn't want his parents to disappointment, so I buried the idea of ​​the play.

After a while, Xie Miao's study also entered the right track, and the academic performance is excellent. It is the recognized academic tyrants in the class.

In 2001, the 17-year-old Xie Miao Town prepared for the college entrance examination, and he received the invitation of "Prime Minister Xiaogong". I hope that he can be staged, when he fell into two difficulties, he found his parents and asked their views, and parents said You have grown up, this matter you decide.

After a long time, the dream of the actors, suddenly broke out, he chose to shoot, official return, the price is the college entrance examination and not ideal without admitted to the university.

Xie Miao after graduation wanted to come back again, in the film and television circle, you can say it is difficult

After all, the former car is too much. Although a short holiday is in the future, the times are changing, everyone is working hard, you have a short merit, maybe someone else has already followed your footsteps, and even surpass you. Own.

After the comment, Xie Miao successfully filmed "Bagua Master", "Happy Future", "Qimen Armor", etc., the work is a good work, but it is always in a state of not warm. The Tongxing's label is never taken from him. It is better than the work. The public is more concerned about whether he has long and Li Lianjie. It is no longer existing in the golden age of Xie Miao. All placed on the network big movie.

Compared to the cause of the cause, Xie Miao's feelings are very stable.

The wife is "the prince" He Yan Ni in "Palace Lock Bead Curtain". In 2013, Xie Miao's daughter "sugar beans" were successfully born, and a three-port life was very happy. Nowadays, Although Xie Miao has disappeared with children's stars, but fortunately, it is more compensated, and it has not been able to pay more about the regret.

He has actually exited the entertainment circle, and the entertainment industry is really not very good. However, his career in the circle is also good, I think this is already very good.

Xie Miao is now married, and there is a child. Although he did not have a fire before, he was still in the dream of playing, and he had been insisting on filming, never gave up.

The crab seedlings are now not active in the entertainment, some of them are very good.